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Barber Amy at your service

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  • Barber Amy at your service

    I've got a new skill to add to my post SHTF world skills: shaving your head.

    My MIL's cancer has gotten worse, so they had to change her chemo. Her hair was starting to fall out, so she had me come over today and GI Jane her head. I must say, I did a pretty good job!

    I offered to shave my head as well in solidarity with her, but she wouldnt let me.

    So, if y'all need a buzz cut, I'm your girl!!!!


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    Sorry to hear about your MIL's cancer. How is your other half doing? How are you doing? You will all be in my prayers. I cut all of my hair off when my daughter lost hers. I'm sure your MIL appreciated the offer.



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      Me? I've got IBS and cant stop throwing up. My husband has gained 30 pounds.

      Oh, and I got an EXCELLENT yearly review at the hospital where I work....what did it get me?.... an extra 40 cents per hour....

      So, I had an anxiety attack and got wheeled into my own ER by my Charge Nurse.....

      You cant make this crap up....

      I just have to laugh at it all, including myself.... what else can you do?


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        Amy, it is good that you got a raise at all. I have worked for a doctor at one time that he would only give us 10 cent raise every 3 years. that lasted about a year and I went else where. Bad thing about medical. They don't all give very good raised. Just be thankful for what you got and hope for better next time.
        I am still keeping you and your MIL in prayer. I know it is hard on both you and your husband, but just hang in there. It is all in God's plan for something good to come from all of it.


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          Prayers going out for all three of you...

          I've had rough times in the past. It makes me feel so good about my life now while I feel bad about the folks still struggling with things...


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            So sorry about your MIL, Amy. You are all in our prayers.
            The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.

            Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the reason is you are stupid, and make bad decisions.


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              I can appreciate your circumstance in that I too have helped care for relatives close to my spouse, living in a house and town not my own as we fought to the end. Of course everyone has different stress and personalities to deal with so just let me say my prayers for you are a bit more intense because I may have an inkling of what you are going through.

              The important thing is to care for yourself as well as you hubby and MIL. I didn't for a while and paid for it. With the next two I took better care of myself so I could care for the others.