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Basic Lesson Number 92 How Decisions Are Made During an Emergency

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  • Basic Lesson Number 92 How Decisions Are Made During an Emergency

    Basic Lesson Number 92

    How Decisions Are Made During an Emergency

    1. Military Decision Making

    I have had time to sit down and remember all the decisions we made, while going thru all the disasters that I and my family have lived thru. As of today that count is 28.

    A. Lets talk about the military term called "mind-set".

    I. What is Mind-Set, and how does it effect our decision making process while reacting to an emergency?

    II. Well when it comes to a life threatening emergency you will react in one of three ways. (Mind-Set)

    a. Freeze. This is the same reaction that most animals will do when confronted by a life threatening situation. Your mind will command your body to stay motionless, until it can absorbe all the information, and then come up with a decision of what to do. During this time you will not move from the spot you started from.

    b. Run.
    Sometimes your mind will over react to the situation, and force your body to move away from danger. Your reaction is to run away from the danger, with no regard for anyone else. It is a sure way to become injured or cause injury to others.

    c. Take Action. This is the reason the military trains so hard in stress filled exercises. The military wants the individual to take action. Weither it is to fall down on the ground, or return fire, they want you to do something that is positive. They train you so that your body will react, before your mind has a chance to react in a different way. (Freeze) With experience and training your mind will accept a course of action that allows you to learn a way to react to the danger in a positive way.

    2. Civilian Decision Making

    A. Now lets take a look at the problem from a civilian view point. They have not received years of training and exercise to prepare them to react in a positive manner during danger. You can see how people react while in danger by viewing the evening news. Most of the time civilians will react by freezing, or trying to run away from the danger zone. They do not react in a take action manner.

    B. The people who do react in a take action manner are people who have received training on how to react in an emergency. The police, EMP's, and Fire Department personnel are trained under stress to react in a positive way. This is because of the training they have received and the experience of being on the job, allows them to react and take action.

    3. Where do you stand

    A. Where do you stand when it come to an emergency? Well only time will tell. As you gain experience and training on how to react in a specific situation you will find that your bvody will react ahead of your mind in a positive manner. This takes years of experience and many training exercises before you will become comfortable with the way you will react.

    I. Training:
    Using experienced instructors is very important. An example is getting your license to carry a firearm undercover. Many states required you to attend a state certified course of instruction to get your license. It includes both classroom and range time with your firearm. The same can be said for many specific survival schools.

    II. Survival Training School:
    Each will have it's unique area(s) of experience that they use to train using their experiences. Examples: (Mountain, Water, Forest, Jungle survival, etc.). It is money well worth it for the training that you will need someday. Take the courses that apply to your location and situation. Water survival does not need to be done if you live in the high desert.

    III. Experience a Disaster:
    Age has the ability to provide you with the experiences of several disaster events in your life time. Storms, black outs, Flooding, earthquakes, etc. are just some that most of us experience each and every year. Look at how you prepare for upcoming snow storms from this year. Did you prepare the same each time? Or did you learn of what things need to become a priority over others. That is called experience and no money can replace it. As you age your experience will allow you both to preplan ahead for disaster events, and react to new situations as they come up.

    4. Notes and Review:

    A. As we grow older we gain experience in both training and real world events. It allows us to pre-plan for events before they happen and to Take Action when a situation happens we are not prepared for.

    B. There is many ways to look at the decision making process - - This is my way. I hope you understand, many books and studies, have been written thru history, about decision making. There will always be those who disagree, and push for their methods and descriptions. Well let them.

    Note: I live by the KISS method. Keep It Simple and Stupid.

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    The next time I want to talk about Situational Awareness and how it will help you make decisions on a minute by minute basis.

    Situational Awareness is a term used by both the Military and Law Enforcement. Once trained in its usage you will be able to make the right decision for the situation you are in.

    Enough for now. It will be called basic lesson 92-A Situational Awareness.