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Bamboo Uses

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  • Bamboo Uses

    I've been thinking a lot lately about my properties security and privacy... or lack of. I was thinking mostly of perimeter barriers that could offer enough of an obstacle to at least slow down intruders, if not stop them. An 8' chain link fence topped with razor wire would not sit well with the wife or my wallet... Not to mention it would act as a neon sign flashing "I've Got Stuff You Want" to anyone who happens to pass by.
    For my purposes, at least on two sides of my property, I'm thinking that bamboo may be an answer. It grows thick around here, and crazy fast. From what I've read and seen, I could have a 12' barrier inside of 2 years that would create a visual blind between my property and a few neighbors. The bamboo groves that I've checked out in the area seem to average 18" to 30" of space between 3" to 4" thick stalks In bad times barbed wire could be strung between the thick stalks for added security, with out being too unsightly or advertising the defenses

    Another added benefit is that due to it's fast growth, it's an easily replenishable light building material from fishing poles, and thatched huts, to pedal driven automobiles.

    Sorry... couldn't resist.:o

    Just thinking out loud really
    The 12ga.... It's not just for rabbits anymore.

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    not to mention beds tables rafts tiki bars water sources and blow guns
    the pack that plays together stays together


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      As you may or may not know, bamboo grows like a weed. It's hard to get rid of and you can't control where it grows. Once it starts it just keeps going. If you plant it at the edge of your property make sure you have several feet between your plantings and your neighbor. They may not like bamboo as much as you do.
      Other then that. It's a sound idea. I've thought of the same thing for hardening my home at the back of the property. It would only take 1 growing season to fill out my 100ft back. It's to bad there is a law that you can't plant bamboo at the end of property for the above reasons.


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        I have to agree that bamboo would cause problems with your neighbors. It would be a very good source of materials though and a servicable barrier. Another option is Columnar Poplar. They grow fast for a tree and grow straight and tall. The branches come out of the trunk and then go straight up. They make fairly good arrows and spear shafts. I beieve they grow up to 5 feet a year. They will not create a hedge but will work as " fenceposts" when the time comes. You good fill in the gaps with roses bushes or raspberries etc. A good food source with thorns.


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          yea uhh wow we live in the south which means to hell with ur neighbor get your while you can when you plant them use the tallest ones u can find cut the limbs off one side and plant long ways trust me it works
          the pack that plays together stays together