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Debris Shelter Bushcraft

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    x2 on Centurion. Research the Dakota Fire Pit, it is amazing. Practice building them now and not when it's too late. It took me a few tries to get it right.


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      Hi, Thanks for the suggestions. as for the size of the shelter, I would make it a bit longer as my head was just at the doorway and I don't like my head or feet sticking out. I'm pretty short so this wouldn't really be adding much as in feet. I like the idea of a doorway tho not just a pack so to keep it looking more natural. Door at this moment is facing north but that was just for convience sake. It was just practice. I would probably if at all possible put the doorway facing East as I too, like the sun waking me up first thing.
      Dakota Fire pit would have rocks large enough to reflect and tall enough to shield against any fire potential. Saw a video on this. I think it was at Captain Dave's site, not sure but I remember the process well.
      Other changes I would make would be to use a camo tarp or no tarp at all. I would , oh yeah, I remember, The Spider Shelter. Pathfinder. Great videos on youtube.

      Yeah, I like this type of shelter as long as there are enough materials where I want to build it.

      Originally posted by Mags View Post
      Nice post unswydd!! I might try my "survival camp" outing again this week. If plans work out I'll be constructing a debris hut myself. Again great post! Just awesome to see you out there doing it!!!:D

      So what changes will you make next time and why?

      Couple of things to keep in mind like; Door placement, in what direction do your weather fronts and major winds come from? I love the morning sun coming in right off the bat but having the last rays of sunlight to work by is nice too. I make my "bed" first, then build the shelter around it. This helps to keep it cozy but not too tight and not too big. I mean protection from the elements and thermo-regulation is the goal here. If you want a door or plug I normally use my pack after deploying it's rain cover. The Dakota Hole fire would seem to work nice keeping the flames away from your shelter but don't forget the value of a reflector whether sticks or rocks. They do make a difference. If your out in crappy wet weather they can also be used to help dry out logs for use on your fire at some point. Your bedding will be like fire wood, when you think you have enough go get two or three more times that.

      Oh, I almost forgot bout the most important thing, location, location, location!

      Keep up the great work!!!!!

      IMHO, YMMV.............
      Your opponet got stronger today, did you?
      {{unswydd-Of One Purpose}}


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        not bad watched the video and all thanks for the inspirarion going to teach my son how to build one this weekend
        the pack that plays together stays together