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Long term Emergency Shelter

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    Ok here goes . The cabin cave has some flaws like the tarps, they have a bad tedence to dry rot . This is not good for a long term shelter, I woud advise that you use a pond liner it might be a little more expensive ,but would last longer. It may save your gear inside.
    Now the log choice not exactly great without water sealer . pines rot very fast without something to protect them, they may only last three -5 yrs. In the original post they tell you to cover them in sealer, do it .
    The yurt and the adobe aren't good ideas for visibility reasons the CC takes care of this.
    You would be better off if you would put a cast iron cook stove in the CC for diff. reasons . The first that come to mind is that if you come in from hunting in freezing , snowing weather, you would need to get dry and warm fast so that hypotherma dosen't sit in . The stove would also give you a better cooking surfice also.
    Be sure to plant native trees for cover . there will be people that may notice the difference passing close by in a SHTF sit. you may welcome visitors at your own risk. I wouldnt . this may include local hunters that are just trying to make just like you. Me a couldn't blame them if they noticed and tried to take a hideing it on a hill is a very good idea.
    All for now. to me the CC is a good idea. P.S. my knowledge of wood come from my grandfather and his father son so forth. they are all master carpenters. I am not yet still have many more homes to build before i can claim that title.


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      My phrase "long term" was just when compard to tents or brush shelters. When I was saying long term shelter it was more along the lines of having somewhere to stay out of the weather for maybe 12 to 18 months while a more permanent shelter, ie cabin, was built. Noone wants to live underground like that for many years unless they absolutely must. As for pines... the reason for them is while they do not last as long since they are soft woods they are easier to cut and they grow back much faster so will replace the trees cut down faster.


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        Have this web site in my favorites...good common sense writing!


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          Awesome idea! Putting it in an easily defensible position would make this perfect. :)