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  • Sweeping your chimney...

    Hello everyone! It is that time of year again, to inspect/clean/re-inspect/repair-replace your chimney's and or stove pipes to get ready for the cold that is coming. This is to ensure a safe and warm winter with your families or friends. I just cleaned out the plan b locale today and repaired and sealed the chimney cap as well. It is already pretty cool here in appalachia in the early mornings. Forty-two degrees tonight as the low and above 2500 feet in elevation will be in the mid to high 30's. I know that does not sound too cold to the ones of you that in montana and other northern climates, but after the warm summer we have had the cold weather is a welcome "shock". I just wanted to remind everyone that house fires and carbon monoxide are leading killers( aside of heart attacks) during the winter months. I hope all is well and that wood is king and petroleum is dumb.:D

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    good reminder mtn man was up your way yesterday weather was awsome on the roan
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      Hi guys. Something we just learned about that may save some time and energy while we still can use the grocery stores. Burning banana peels will keep the creosote from collecting. Have a couple of friends who stated doing this years ago and when they do clean out their chimneys..they get about two cups of fine powder. We are trying this for this winter. Will keep you posted. I think its a riot!

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        Very interesting!! How many banana peels do you have to burn? I will be very interested to see the results of your test.
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          I eat one banana a day most of the time and was told that should be more then enough to do the job. Cracks me up. Hope I remember to post the results and we are all here to read them.


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            3Its OK just so you don't start smoking the peels.


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              Crack me up!! Haven't smoked in years but one never knows what will happen when TSHTF. Yum banana peels....


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                The banana peel makes the house smell funny
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                  Are you speaking from experience? ROTFLMAO


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                    I've heard the same about potato peels, too. Had a chimney fire years ago... looked like a volcano, and cracked the mortar between the bricks. Avoid 'em if you can. We put a metal roof on our house this year, mainly out of concern for fires. I'll add one more prep for winter... SMOKE DETECTORS. I know they're a pain when they go off, but they've probably saved more lives over the last thirty years than any firearms.
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