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    Originally posted by Oscar Wilde View Post
    [It was running me off.]

    Nooo! :eek: Don't go....when this all falls apart we're going to have much peskier critters than Rancher to contend with....I hope he stays....some of us need to be toughened up a bit anyway :p.
    I won't go now. I had pmed a couple of the ladies and D and told them I would be taking a break as I was too distracted to be productive and ol' boy did it again and the D put him out. so I can stay and learn. I don't need to be toughened up. It has taken me many years to get this softened and I don't like it when the "old" me comes out and he sure brought it out!!! I'm a fighter and people with his kind of attitude set me off. I was pretty toned down tho I think. ;)
    Thanks O.W.
    Your opponet got stronger today, did you?
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      [I won't go now. I'm a fighter and people with his kind of attitude set me off. I was pretty toned down tho I think. ;)
      Thanks O.W.]

      Things are seldom what they seem.


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        I'm all for having a community out here. More hands mean more help. However, if someone can't pull their weight, I have no problem with showing them the gate. I've even offered some of yall a chance to come out and farm a bit of my place


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          The thing I wonder, if you already live in a rural, farmish community, how do you make the jump to a PAW community?
          All that is gold does not glitter, nor all who wander are lost


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            After reading Lights Out I see that this type of thing would take a lot of resources from everyone who is involved. People with certain skills and of course a bipartisan leader. It can be done, people have proven that. I guess getting advise and suggestions from those people who have already done this would be in order. Lots of research and people willing to go the extra mile and commit to doing it for the long haul.
            Your opponet got stronger today, did you?
            {{unswydd-Of One Purpose}}


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              I have always liked the idea of putting together a group of like minded preparedness center individuals in a collective community setting.

              There are a couple primary advantages to this.

              1. Security - strength in numbers. Able to keep watch around the clock.

              2. Labor - many hands accomplish much.

              However, on the flip side of the coin there are disadvantages.

              1. Decision Making - how do you handle this? Direct Democracy? Dictatorship? 2/3's majority?

              2. Back Ground Check - I feel that conducting one's due diligence on potential members is critical. In fact it maybe nearly impossible to get members in the community if they are not family members or good good friends. Even with these folks under great times of stress there are bound to be issues. With almost complete strangers if could be a recipe for disaster.
              "A man that will trade his freedom for security will soon have neither."


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                I have seen groups like rancher's. They may have a dozen old guys with a lot of money, some great firearms collections, tons of food and nothing else. The tell tell sign is always a distain for women and children.

                It's all about self.

                No man can build a community by him self.

                How do they think they will rebuild a community without family?

                Family is the only real reason to survive.

                So, a survival community needs men and women trained to provide security, food production, engineering, mechanical and building skills of all kinds, medical training, supplies of essential items not easily made by hand, people able to make most anything by hand, land for farming, timber and animal husbandry and all the knowledge to pull it all together and make it work.

                But, the number one thing these wannabe rambo types leave out is GOD.

                GOD is the thread that holds family together.

                If they think you are going to go to some farm you have never seen, meet some folks that you have chatted with on the internet and build a community after the fall of society they are not the kind of folks I want to know.

                I want to know you now, I want to be comfortable around you and I want to know I can trust you with my family, my property and my money. I want to know my dog likes you. I trust her judgement more than most people.

                She has never been wrong.


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                  Watch out people ,this guy does not like any one who believe different than he does .(another web site booted this dude way off there site for being so mean and nasty to a gal and the website owner ),Be very careful when dealing with him.he maybe educated but he thinks with his head, totally scientific,no room for anything but science ,be warned.
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                    Buddamomma -

                    who are you talking about ?

                    who should we look out for ?
                    "A man that will trade his freedom for security will soon have neither."


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                      Most of this forum has some interesting ideas about adding people you can trust to be in your group. The last bit is of no good but the first couple of pages are interesting. Anyone have any other ideas on how we can be sure of how to pick people that can be trusted to be in your group. I do know that safety comes in numbers but those numbers need to be trustworthy.