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amazing how few people know how to dry out wet debris

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  • Tugaloo
    At least never; however, he did watch it on Alone.

    To be blunt, I seriously doubt registror has ever spent a night in the woods or harvested and processed his food.

    A search for John Melvin Davis + gunkid lists his resume. He has more aliases than Bayer has aspirin.

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  • Dorobuta
    how many times have you successfully done this?

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  • amazing how few people know how to dry out wet debris

    which is particularly important in the jungle or the NW territories of the US and Canada You heat lots of rocks in a fire, lay them out on the ground, away from the fire, put the wet debris on them, cover them with a tarp if it's raining., with brush holding the tarp up off of the hot stones. Now and then, pull back the tarp, setting free the steam from the drying debris, and when the stones get cool again, move the debris, etc, onto a new "field' of rocks which you've heated up in the meantime. You should only have to do this ONCE and all you'll need to do is one day's worth, if you then keep the debris dry under a tarp. Your body heat and maybe more hot rocks, in pits under the debris-bed, will keep displacing any moisture that the debris absorbs from the air. In order to do well on the Alone Tv show, and probably for a "lost or hurt in the woods scenarios, you've got to be able to do without the sleeping bag and the constant warming fire. For the show, you need that gear pick for the far more-useful reflective 12x12 tarp and you need to not have to bother with finding, cutting, hauling, and processing firewood for a constant warming fire. Insulation and a sealed shelter have to deal with that for you, so you have the time and energy freed up to do other things, like make and use enough netting to feed yourself properly.
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