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the reality of "long term" shelter building for shtf.

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  • the reality of "long term" shelter building for shtf.

    EVENTUALLY, if shtf, I'll need more than my pair of bivvy/poncho/canopies in the way of shelter, but I figure to be in a hole in the ground for a year, so the bivvies need not be taking a beating during that time. Once a year has passed, at LEAST 90% of the population is going to be dead, so you'll be able to get camper-trailers, vans, tents, houses, whatever you want and tow them wherever you want them to be, using a diesel pickup truck. There's going to be diesel fuel everywhere, cause nobody's going to be using tractors, combines, 18 wheelers, backhoes, bulldozers, earth movers, etc. and normal cars dont use diesel. Plus you can use veggie oil from behind fast food restaurants to run a diesel motor. So all this log cabin, carpentry framing work,, plumbing, wiring, etc, is a crock. You're not going to need anything of the kind.ta

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    with the majority of the population dead there will be a lot of empty houses for the taking.