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    I have a 27' Pacific YURT (off-grid) up in the rockies at about 10500 on 8 acres. Added a shower house this year....adding a another storage building with a pull down door....(Bear problem). Have a couple friends that are realtors....the hottest land going right now is off grid stuff way back in the mtns....


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      You were had by some teenager who is laughing with his friends. No government agent or agency is going to tell you that you are under investigation until they are ready to arrest your butt..... Yes everyone needs to talk in general terms while on forums like this see below:

      I have 2 places one is a small 160 acre farm that we use to hunt on, I rent the land out to the other farms around for hay production. It has barns and a farm house that we use when we are there. So when we Run that is the first place we meet at. My group also bought land in SW or is it SE Idaho as the place of last resort. It has 3 sources of water plenty of game and so far off grid you need to make your own road to it! We will start working the land in Idaho this coming summer.


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        To us an old cliche' ~ if brilliant minds tend to think alike... i concur with your ideas! Unless i've a change of heart within the near future, the Appalachians are my #1 destination but still need to conduct more scouting & research. Keep up the great preps.


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          bit confused here.. newbie here so please bare that in mind, but after reading many of these posts it seems like many of these boLs you are referring to are just glorified camps. A BOL to me is an area that is just that an area. not cultivated, not camp/house like structure not cleared land.. not with todays modern technology. I want my BOL to disapear into the terrain around it. hidden... not noticeable.. and certainly not 2 miles from a roadway.. it has to be remote, hard for the "others" to reach but have the sustainable factors that I will need. easily defendable, with more than one escape route.

          I have more than one BOL in set locations alll around the compass. My goal would be to make it to one of my primary ( one one the NH/Maine near Canada and the other is coastal up North) where I have a significant caches stored. The other ones have smaller caches just incase.but to reach my primary I have several remote spots along the way that I have scouted or familiarized myself with via topos. Have to plan for all contigencies, and if the SHTF I more than likely will not be able to rely on the roads so that measn going overland so my word of advice study your maps,terrain, get to know your compass well as you may not be able to rely on gps.. and the last bit of advice if have to reach your BOL ( not your hacienda) is to make sure your BOB is up to the task.

          I do not need to own the land but I need to be able to defend it all ..
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            Hello....Having a BOL is a four pronged dilema...First, your location should be easy to access but remote enough for security...Second, you should have some sort of permanent shelter to live and stay in....Third, you should have some sort of safe place to shelter in, for days or weeks, to stay out of harm's way; after all any doofus with a Molitov cocktail could make the primary shelter untennable; ideally it should be underground (such as an earth shelter or basement) but it should store your supplies and have at least 2 sources for air (one hidden) and 2 ways in and out (one hidden)...And fourth, you HAVE to have a place to go if your BOL becomes compromised...Admittedly, there is much more to this...Much thought and resources MUST go into your planning and execution or you'll come up lacking.


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              Originally posted by mtnzone View Post
              A BOL to me is an area that is just that an area. not cultivated, not camp/house like structure. I do not need to own the land but I need to be able to defend it all ..
              I guess it goes back to your plan post shtf. If I had a cabin in the mountains that was fairly remote, I would love to use it to camp for now, and use it for a bol later. When you hike off to your wilderness camp you will be starting from scratch. If I already have shelter, water, and cultivated food nearby, and it is an area I am intimately familiar with I will be ahead of the game.
              By using the land now I am learning how to find water...... etc. As long as I maintain security, and plan well this is how I would prefer to go.
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                I do not have a BOL. At least not one I would use for any length of time. My plan is to bug in. Even if my house is destroyed i.e a tornado or earthquake, if I can stay on my property, that is what I am going to do. I do not trust looters. I do not want to come home and try to dislodge squatters, and prove what is rightfully mine. I will not allow anything to be vandalized or ransacked. Tresspassers will be shot. Survivors will be shot again.

                The only things I can think of that would make me bug out would be fire or radiation contamination. I have already survived a 500 year flood. If I do have to bug out it would be to public land not far away, and I would return as soon as possible.
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                  My group has one major BOL - a working farm in MN. But each Family or groups of families in each state has either bought or has plans for a BOL in the local area until they can move to the main site. Right now that means 5 sites in 5 different states.