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have shelter but what to do about garbage?

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  • have shelter but what to do about garbage?

    I have an abandoned house , have water and hand pump, food, ventless stove and heat. What do you do about gabage to avoid detection???

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    Originally posted by the old woman View Post
    I have an abandoned house , have water and hand pump, food, ventless stove and heat. What do you do about gabage to avoid detection???
    Bury it?

    If your heat source is a wood furnace...mebbe burn the garbage.


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      If you are going to have a garden, bury your food garbage in that area. This will become a very good mulch and fertilizer. Be carefull what you burn- alot of it smokes to high heaven (ie plastics) which would be a definite give away.


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        Originally posted by the old woman View Post
        I have an abandoned house , have water and hand pump, food, ventless stove and heat. What do you do about gabage to avoid detection???
        You can actually cover over food scraps as well. They wont compost as quickly, but non-detection may be more important at that stage. Feeding them to the guard dog will take care of most of that though. Burying the rest is probably the best thing. Dont burn plastic, its toxic.

        ~Magazines or newspapers can be mulched.
        ~Cans can be used as a hidden alarm to set trip wires around the perimeter.
        ~Cans can be made into camping stoves
        ~Cans can be used for cooking utensils
        ~You can also use them as starter seed containers.
        ~Boxes that noodles, etc from the stash should be gotten rid of early, since the best food storage is not in the original boxes. That has a two-fold effect, less trash as well as safer storage.
        ~A composting toilet will take care of human waste as well as sanitary products.
        ~Plastic bottles, hmm... gotta think on that one a bit. Ketchup or dish detergent bottles can be used for holding oil or fuel fluid.

        What kind of fuel do you have for the ventless stove?
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          this scenario is as follows: a "camp" which in Maine is a 1 rm abode about the size of a 2 car garage. It has a "kitchen" area which has a sink with a hand pump. Nothing is electric. The cook sstove will be a soda-can 2 burner on top of a piece of thick granite, and will use regular alcohol as fuel. Food will be entirely canned soups, meats, vegtables, and fruits, plus powdered eggs, flour, milk. Heat will be by 2 "fireplaces" which are ventless and burn gel-fuel. Each gives off 3,000btus of heat. the toilet can be run as long as sufficient water is used to fill both tank and bowl to create enough pressure. There is a loft accessed by pull down stairs, but it is not full height. Can use for storage.
          Mainer's most usually obtain water supply from wells, as does this one. So we are talking about 1 big room here. I want you to treat this scenario as the following: if you are detected, you die! So this brings us back to the waste question. Also, there will be no outside activities, or anything that creates smoke or holes.
          I have tried to solve this myself, but I am not that well versed in survival techniques. Perhaps someone out there has the answer?
          Thanks to those of you who replyed and offered ideas.
          To all others, consider this a challange of sorts;Can you solve this problem?
          the old woman


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            Garbage has always been a problem for man. However, you'd be surprised at how little garbage you make when you are living frugally without bringing home prepackaged stuff and junk! A burn barrel outside was common in past times to burn things that can be burned. Also, composting and burying.
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              Just being in the house/shelter you will be detected at some point. Outside activities are a must to dispose of waste/trash.When coming and going never use the same path. Bring trash far enough away from the dwelling that it will not be asscociated with the area you are in and bury it,recover to best camoflague as much as possible. You really have no choice but outside activities,food plots, hunting,bartering for other necessities. If you don't bow hunt now is the time to learn,gunshots travel for miles in cold northern winter weather.


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                only way I can think of is to dig a deep hole in your crawl space or basement and throw enough dirt over what you do throw away to keep the smell down, and moss helps this alot, so does black dirt.

                But I believe being totally undetectable is not a real scenario either, since just moving around in the wood and or an old house cooking will cause smell and noises that will attract man and animal.

                I have hunted in Mich most of my life and very few deer ever snuck up on me in a hardwood forest, only two I can think of.


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                  when i was in iraq our firebase / outposts had burn pits. we only burned under the cover of darkness and the pits were recessed/buried with a mound of dirt to cover them in case the need arose to cover them and quickly leave.


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                    Burned under the cover of darkness.....? undetected aye?

                    [avoid detection???]

                    You can't avoid detection..... you can minimize your exposure though. Unless you're enjoying absolute security....spend as little time in your cabin as possible.... do your chores.... maintain a watch from a distant location.
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                      when you are in the wild and have no way of getting supplies you will be looking at your trash like it is treasure. trust me you will find a use for everything. so dont burn it you will be sorry.


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                        Check out my homebrew album on my profile'll find an incinerator plan which is cheap to build and will even burn alum cans with little smoke...
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                          One mans trash, is anothers treasure.