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    Originally posted by cwi555 View Post

    As for taking out the entire country, it doesn't have to. Consider the aftermath of the world Trade centers. It doesn't have to take down the whole country. Just taking down the NE corridor would be enough. If the attacking powers really wanted to hurt us, they would use two devices. One over the NE, and one over Oklahoma. The latter doesn't make sense on first blush. However when you consider the convergence of pipelines criss crossing that state it becomes crystal clear.
    How are we to deliver food, fuel for generation plants, and every other delivered good if the gas/diesel supply is taken out or at a minimum severely hampered?

    It is my opinion that the EMP fiction writers are barking up the wrong tree. The entire grid doesn't need to come down. The chaos that ensues from the above will do the job much more efficiently. If I can realize that, many of the enemies of the US can as well.
    Now think what would happen if they took out the west coast.


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      they quickly buried the report but an evaluation was done regarding the power grid in the US and it was identified that the system pretty much centers around 4 hubs. take those hubs out and the entire system collapses. When the US was trying to knock out the power grids in other countries, they weren't actually bombing the lines/stations or using EMP's. They would saturate a main terminal with "spaghetti" material, intended on shorting out the system without actually damaging it, effectively taking away the power but keeping the system intact.
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