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Plane Crash Survival Scenario

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  • Plane Crash Survival Scenario

    You and your companions have just survived a small plane crash. Both the pilot and co-pilot were killed in the crash. It’s mid-January, and you are in Northern Canada. The daytime temperature is 25 below zero, and the night time temperature is 40 below zero. There is snow on the ground, and the countryside is wooded, with several creeks crisscrossing the area. The nearest town is 20 miles away. You are all dressed in city clothes appropriate for a business meeting. Your group of survivors has managed to salvage the following items:
    • A ball of steel wool
    • A small axe
    • A loaded .45-caliber pistol
    • A can of Crisco shortening
    • Newspapers (one per person)
    • A cigarette lighter (without fluid)
    • Extra shirt and pants for each survivor
    • 20 X 20 ft. piece of heavy-duty canvas
    • A sectional air map made of plastic
    • One quart of 100-proof whiskey
    • A compass
    • Family-size chocolate bars (one per person)

    Rank these items 1-12, with 1 being the most important to survival and 12 being the least important.
    I'll keep my guns, freedom, and money... YOU CAN KEEP THE "CHANGE"!

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    Ok, these are mine;
    1. A cigarette lighter (without fluid)
    2. A ball of steel wool
    3. 20 X 20 ft. piece of heavy-duty canvas
    4. One quart of 100-proof whiskey
    5. A small axe
    6. Extra shirt and pants for each survivor
    7. A can of Crisco shortening
    8. A loaded .45-caliber pistol
    9. Family-size chocolate bars (one per person)
    10. A compass
    11. Newspapers (one per person)
    12. A sectional air map made of plastic
    I'll keep my guns, freedom, and money... YOU CAN KEEP THE "CHANGE"!


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      whisky, chocolate, and a .45... Im havin a bad day :) Wait.. if its good whisky, Ill for-go the chocolate, the others can have it!! :)
      Id never travel w/out an EDC bag... but Ill always take the whisky!!
      ps. I dont wear business attire.. been there done that.. Ill wear Tevas or Berks, before Ill wear heals again :)
      Im bored too so forgive my sarcasim...:p
      If the zombies chase us, Im tripping you!!!


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        you forgot the most important survival gear at the crash site. the plane wreckage.

        with that stuff You can make a sled or two to haul fire wood and water you collect, and you can use it for shelter. use metal to reflect heat into the cabin of the craft so you can shelter in warmth. landing gear can be lashed to the sled if you reach a spot where the snow is thin or gone. the battery pack in the craft and the fuel along with the steel wool can be used to start your first fire in seconds instead of using the flint from the lighter.

        once theres heat and a shelter you can sit back and wait for rescue, if that doesnt happen inside of four days, don boths sets of my clothes, stuff boots and clothes with crumpled up newspaper, strip the fabric from the seats to add a few more layers over my torso, study the map take a bearing and set off looking for the nearest town. leaving the rest of the group safe in the shelter with the sled and axe to keep the fire going.

        Whiskey, gets saved for medicine. use it to wash out cuts and scrapes.

        thats what Id do more or less LOL
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          Oh, no, Im not going to drink ALL the whisky..

          There are many uses I can come up with!!! Come on a quart? That'll do...
          And your right, where did the plane crash? If not in the water, Im sure there are tons of parts to salvage!
          If the zombies chase us, Im tripping you!!!


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            I'd just stay with what's left of the plane for the night and use it as shelter from the wind, strip the dead of their clothing for additional warmth, use the buddy system for staying warm, gather tinder, light the steel wool with a spark from the empty bic lighter and get a fire going. This time of year fire is actually easier to start then during the warmer months. Once we have shelter from the wind then I would start looking for supplies. Shelter 1st, fire 2nd. Some of you work on the shelter and the others work on fire. I would also keep working through out the night to keep warm and work on signal fires/gathering water.
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              I'd probably set up camp in the plane as well, could be good protection from the weather use the canvas to make it more secure, make a fireplace inside the plane use the axe to make a hole for the smoke to get out, gather firewood using the axe to help get pieces to the right size, work on maintaining the fire and then try to secure some food, use the axe to make some spears and attempt to hunt some dinner. If some large game can be apprehended additional clothing along with the food, work on getting everyone fully fed and outfited with appropriate improvised clothing and weapons and if not within a few days try to set out back towards civilization.


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                Companions are #1. Remember that scene in Empire Strikes Back(OK I'm a Dork) when he cuts open that whatever it is he was riding, and sleeps inside of it. Sorry Big Tony, but I need a sleeping bag tonight.;-)

                I agree plane wreckage would be very important, and Big Tony....
                He who lives with the most toys, wins.