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Now thats a knife!

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  • Now thats a knife!

    OK the work and daily life afer the Event has gone on. During such one thing that everyone needs and uses many times daily is a knife. I'm sure everyone is well fixed for blades but they all will eventually wear down, break and generally get used up.

    When we have to make a new one what would you metal crafting survivors do? Does anyone have a design they want to post or a series of in process pics for making a knife from scratch with your prepped resources.

    We all know about the .99 cent survival knife instructions on the internet, and its a sharp knife( made one myself!) but its a stop gap at best. Get creative!

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    if i'm like every other serious prepper and I know i'm not the only one, I have a selection a collection of various sized knives that will probably last the rest of my life.