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It's 7:30pm the LIGHTS GO OUT

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    I have enough batteries to run 3 flashlights for 10 hours a day for 6 weeks. 1 1/2 cords of firewood split and stacked for the outside firepit, though this would be a target for theives most certainly. We have natural gas heat and stove though I am not certain if the gas companies would be able to maintain their own electricity for that long to run compressors etc. Line the 2 bathtubs with plastic sheeting and fill with water. I have at least 50 gallons of bottled water stashed under the bed of a camper we use for storage. I am the only one that knows it is there. Solar/ battery powered radio to keep intouch. Fire up the generator at neccesary intervals to keep the meat from rotting in the freezer. It doesn't have to be froze solid just cold enough to inhibit spoiling. Between 5 vehicles and gas cans we have a minimum of 60 gallons of gasoline at all times. Between propane tanks, firewood, handwarmers, candles, and the generator we could survive 2-3 weeks or more of extreme cold as long as the house remained intact. The brutal Montana winters are my biggest fear. Summertime would be like a vacation. Never be more than arms length from a weapon.

    P.S. Now I have to figure out how to secure my firewood. I have a dozen padlocks and lots of chains for everything else in the yard.
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      If the power is going to be out for weeks I would already be home beacause a category 5 hurricane has come through.


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        I noticed this scenario is almost a year old. That means that those who live in the New England/ east coast have already gone through an ice storm back in late October that left some people without power for over a week.

        Did you/they learn anything?

        Here in Southern California, we have rolling brown/black outs every summer. Where I live, it gets over 110 degrees in the summer easy.
        Back in 1996 there was a blackout that hit 9 states in the west. Caused by high heat and way overloaded power lines. While some had power back later that day, some were out for over a week. During that time, several poeple died. Mostly old folks who had no way of dealing with the high temps.
        In 2006, the Queens blackout caused by hight heat and lasted over a week in some places.
        You would think that after Katrina/Rita and the rest of our ex girlfriends the Feds/FEMA and the rest of the stoodges would have thier act together. YOU WISH!

        If a power outage were to last 2 weeks, the inmates that run this asylum would be getting in the way of eachother to do/not do something.
        The military would be called in to truck/fly in needed supplies. The Red Cross and FEMA would be setting up shelters for the sheeple.
        The local gooberments, Fire and Police would have priority, a federal disaster would be called into effect, letting the bumbling idiots in the gooberment beg for more money. (Paid for by the tax payers)

        In truth, some state and local agencies have been doing tabletop and paperwork drills on how to deal with such things like this. Some are acctually trying to be proactive in staging supplies to be ready for what they feel would be needed. There is hope, but its way down the road from where it needs to be. In 2011, one of the hottest, in demand jobs was for an "Emergancy Disaster Quordinator". I applied for one such job, but sadly didnt get it. I am still looking and training for one.

        Back to the game: The wife and I have enough food to get us through 2 weeks, so we can eat. We have flashlights, oil lamps and candles aplenty. I cook out/BBQ alot so I always have plenty of fuel. 2 camp stoves and 2 grills gets alot done. If the sewage is out, we have a bucket ready for the doody and an open feild where we can dig deep holes. If its in the middle of our very hot summers, we lucked out and have a pool. If a cold storm, sleeping bags to keep warm.
        Some things to consider: those solar powered lawn lights, would make great lanters when the sun goes down. You can buy a small cooler unit for the car/truck that plugs into the cig lighter to keep small things cold. While wallyworld and target and food stores would get nailed by the ravaging hoards, sporting good stores, while they will get hit too, but not as hard at first, sells freeze dried camping food. The local Doller stores might be something to try as well. The big box stores and super markets are always the first to get hit, but some small mom and pop stores could be a gold mine. Keep them marked on your maps and make friends with them.

        Keep prepping, keep learning and keep being inspired by thies scenarios.



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          Been thinking alot on this one. Since I live in an apartment I'm sorta limited in what I can do. First would be to fill up water bob in my tub. Second would be to double check bags to make sure I have what I need if things get crazy. If I still have cell service, I would text my uncle (Major on the sherriffs dept) to see if he knew anything more/ needs help. I'm betting the downtown area would be nuts, thankfully I live miles away from there. If police/ sheriff needs help would volunteer, if not would most likely wait a couple days and bug out to my parents place 70 miles away. Even if they dont have power either they live in a small town with a low crime rate/ bad element. I would be using my hand crank radio to get updates on the situation while im in my apartment to decide whether I stay or go.


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            Our backup generator would immediately start to power the house. If that fails we have a small generator that could power the fridge and TV. I would get out my hidden preps if we ran out of food or water, other wise keep them hidden. I would get my candles and flashlights out and pull out the spare blankets (If it was winter). Next I would continue living, tending my garden, feeding the new pup, and prepping incase something else were to happen while there's no power.
            Survived another day... Now to do it again....


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              Feeling whoafully unprepared ! Time to amp up the preppin!


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                I will take it that we are using our own location, but I would ask does this happen in January or July? It would make a huge difference. What is the radius of the power outage? Can you drive someplace to get gas? Are you still expected to get to work? I guess it won't matter if there is no power.

                If I had to hunker down for two or three weeks I would be fine. Summer would be better for me. I don't mind being hot. Grew up in the desert. Winter would be preferable for the wife. She hates being hot. We would lose what is in the fridge and freezer, but we have plenty that doesn't require refrigeration.
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                  Originally posted by Diesel View Post
                  It's 7:30pm the LIGHTS GO OUT, No power. You pull into your driveway in your car and you hear on the radio that the Major regional power plant has been damaged and will be inoperable for atleast 2-3 weeks, could be even a month.

                  People mad dash for generators and fuel

                  Local big box is out of generators

                  Fuel Stations for 50 miles are shut down due to no power

                  go to bed , larder and stockpile is all stocked up, car has a full tank, nothing much is going to happen around this neck of the woods for a day or two apart from people complaining, start fresh in the morning in daylight.


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                    people are nuts. They act like there's no LIFE without electricity. Hole up and wait, see if it's going to deteroriate into a bugout situation. We have plenty of non-refrigerated food, plenty of firewood. Anyone, taking it easy, can live 3 weeks without any food. Take a day's worth of food out of the fridge at a time, and the rest inside of it will stay good for several days. you'll have either eaten it or cooked/salt-preserved it by then.


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                      let other people go nuts, they go crazy if the power is out for only a couple of hours.
                      got enough food and water for several months, hunker down and see what happens.


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                        I can live for months electricity. Hunker down and weight. Use the battery radio and ask neighbors if they know anything, go to the hospital and check if the net is saying anything. they have a backup generator. If it's just one area and just the juice, nothing much changes for me. if it's cold, drain the pipes in the house so that they dont freeze. It's almost never that cold here, but it sure as hell happened this recently past winter.