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Convert it to run on woodgas?! I just want it to run

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  • Convert it to run on woodgas?! I just want it to run

    Ok all you gear heads and vehicle guys what would you do to keep all the vehicles running?

    Remeber there are no NTSB rules now, what would you think would be best to keep em rolling? What special mods would you be able to do step by step to realistically keep everything going or make it better in the field?

    The first poster to suggest making a 'Landmaster' gets a virtual beer for creativity, but a 'Gibbs tap' for not being realistic:rolleyes:

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    Could do this:
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      Ever since I heard about Wood Gasifiers, I've really wanted to know more about them, I am quite intrigued. If anyone has any first hand experiences with these I think they should share it on here. Or if anyone just happens to find any real good info on them, to post it.