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Safety and security at the compound (WOLVERINES!!!)

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  • Safety and security at the compound (WOLVERINES!!!)

    Any ideas, comments concerns, enlistment bonuses, general chit chat concerning keeping others and yourself safe enough to try staying alive?

    We need a inventory of available gear and assets (human and vehicle) a TO&E

    We will probably not have MIRS radios, the right batteries, ammo we wanted, guns we wanted, Cool uniforms, silencers, AA-12 auto shotguns, Vests, tasers, CS gas, a manual, tins stars, explosives, etc, etc,

    But cops and the miltary in the turn of the century did the same job without that so lets hear some ideas.

    Because we still have to do the job.

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    As I set here and read the ideas other people had on weapons, food and security I have not seen any mention of using dogs for security or hunting. When all other types of communication is down, I would look for the guy wth a HAM radio set up to join our group.


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      communcation pigeons security the land the bamboo and piano wire food the swamp and land as well as medicines transportation will be done on foot or by water
      the pack that plays together stays together