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Urban Scenario: You can have ONE appliance, what is it

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  • #61
    An interesting question for sure. I would have to state an oven/stove. I could do all the aforementioned stuff named by Diesel et al. but i could make beer as well because I don't live near Jeff?
    Cold beer from my basement or buried half way into the ground in a crawl space is cold enough for me.

    A stove for my final answer.


    • #62
      Touch call, but I'd go with the largest fridge/freezer combo allowed by the rules of this game. Stove/oven also makes a lot of sense, and I was also thinking heat pump. Heat pump obviously can warm the house in the winter, but with some creative duct work can be used to keep a single room refrigerator cold.


      • #63
        Definitely a fridge. I can cook with fire or solar oven.


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          A refrigerator would be my choice as well. You can cook by other means, all mentioned here. You can stay warm without electricity. Heat in the Summer would not be life threatening; just uncomfortable until you got used to it. A radio for communication could be solar powered or run by dynamo. Got plenty of lanterns and can make candles.
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            it would have to be the biggest refridge, freezer I can get. I can pump my well by hand pump and other things I can do without electricity for cooking and heating. so refridge, freezer combo would be it.


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              Freezer for sure.
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                Originally posted by walksoftly carrybigstick View Post
                It does run on electricity. It uses 2 12 volt car batteries.
                The XM 134 does run on 24 VDC and a minimum of 58 amps.