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  • Beginng from the beggining scenario...

    Tried this on another forum I'm in but so far most of the responses have been 'oh you cant do that', 'young people don't care' or 'what I did's'... Apparently, to quote a tiktok trend... they didn't "understand the assignment".

    So lets see if any here are a little more creative and free thinking, maybe can live in a bit of a fiction world where they can place themselves in the scenario and walk forward.

    I thought it might be a fun exercise to see the different directions people might go and what each person might prioritize for 'themselves'. So I propose a little writing exercise or a spot to do a little preparedness mental masturbation. I'll give a few loose parameters and then off you go, give us what your next steps would be to get prepared.

    Now, no pooping on others ideas, methods or priorities, stick to your own scenario unless it's to ask questions on maybe why someone did or prioritized something a particular way. I know this won't be everyone's cup of tea and that's OK if not. For those that like to write or enjoying brainstorming, I hope you'll participate. With the Holidays now on us, maybe some people will have a little more downtime they're looking to fill.

    Let's say you're in your mid to late 20's, single and maybe your just out of the military, school, the convent, jail, wherever... doesn't really matter to this other than to serve as a jump off point. You've arrived here on the side of the road, your eyes having opened for the first time to realizing things in the world suck, that you have nothing if things go sideways and you now know you need to prepare... somehow... to some level to be able to take care of yourself and feed yourself.

    So let's assume you have a modicum of knowledge about basics of preparedness/ homesteading, maybe you've been reading up online. Your only worldly possessions are a duffel bag of clothes, a cell phone (optional) and a 15 year old pickup. You also have a small nest egg of say $10K maybe saved up while on deployment or whatever. But that is it. So...

    Where do you go?
    What do you do next?

    Have fun!
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    Head north to Alaska, Work seasonal jobs, that pay super well, but are semi-dangerous and hard manual labor. Purchase a large barge, build a cabin on the barge, tow it or have it towed to a hidden bay with a hidden cove, with a fresh water creek. Harvest a deer every two or three weeks, catch shrimp, crab, and twenty kinds of ocean fish, poach waterfowl. Go to town every two months, purchase a little food, and massive amount of tequila. Try to woo some hot, sexy lady into the joys of living in the wilderness. Try to find a dog, if can't find a woman.
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      Given this chance... After receiving my discharge and getting married I would go straight back to Hawaii and purchase that little farm on the big island that I passed on in 86'. It was only 10 acres but that would have been more than enough given its location. The 10 grand would have been more than enough for the 5 grand down payment and enough to repair the existing house. Starting out I would have picked up security work and the wife could have kept teaching while I got the fruit trees established and we would have chicken, fish and goat for dinner alot. I would have built a chicken coop and trapped a couple dozen of the local wild chickens for the eggs and better meat. Established 4 ponds for freshwater prawn and establish my farm with top chefs in Oahu, Maui and Kauai. The farm was on the Hilo side of the big island. In time I planned on opening a survival school for a limited audience. The farm would provide food, shelter and income and other employment would provide income for preps and recreational items/activities.



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        We live on private owned land in the Chattahoochee National Forest. There is a lake with bream, bass and walleye also a trout stream.
        Two rock springs that flow all year.
        Lots of deer and other edible critters. We have heirloom seeds and grow a lot of our own vegetables.

        We keep life simple and enjoy it that way.


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          If I had it to do over after graduating from college I would take a vastly different direction. I would stay in Arizona, and pursue a career as a Basketball official. I would have stayed single, so the travel would not inconvenience anybody. My money would be my own to do with as I wished. It is a little unfair looking back with the knowledge I have now. I KNOW you can prep on a budget, and build a significant stockpile in a relatively short period of time. I would do that again. I would buy a house, but probably plant citrus fruit trees, which fair better in that climate.

          Once I was on my feet and established, I would buy a small cabin in the mountains. Not sure where, but you have lots of choices in that area. That would be my BOL, and hopefully, a hunting lodge.
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            Well said.
            I spent 45 years as a mechanical design engineer. Same as you, I would have followed a different direction instead of moving from State for a challenge and $$$$.
            After decades of marriage, I finally accepted, I made the wrong choice.

            After a few years, I made the right choice in a wife and we seriously downsized to a 1300 sq-ft cabin in the mountains of NE Georgia.

            My advice is do what you know you want to do. Buy the cabin wherever you want to it be.. Then when the time is right for you; move in and enjoy.


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              At 20-something years old, I would plan to spend the next ten years unlearning all of the Western ideas of competition, striving, achieving, and debt-slave mental pressures that are taught in the public schools and enforced by most jobs. I would find out what I really like to do. I would trade in the pickup truck for a more durable vehicle like a used school bus or fire department rescue truck. Then i would begin refitting the vehicle into a comfortable living space.

              I would head out towards the quiet nooks and crannies of the West with as many technical books as I can carry. I would build racks to carry trays of microgreens to grow anywhere I park. I would move with the seasons and relish the freedom.

              Such a person can find employment anywhere as needed.

              At around 30, I would assess my situation and make new plans for the next five years. By then I would have a much better idea of who I am and what I want to contribute to the world. Most importantly, I would have ten years of memories to carry me to the end.
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