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If The Big One Hits California

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  • If The Big One Hits California

    If you have been watching he news for the last 10 days? Over 1400 earthquakes hit Southern CA. So if this is the preview to the big one, what will happen?

    I expect it to register a minimum of 9.4, with L.A. Over 20 million now, so how many will survive? 2.2 million maybe, Where will they go? Not by sea, there will be tidal waves so most of L.A. Will be under water. Into the desert. Remember no road will survive. So it's walk or die. But where do you go? Ground is still shsking, so only your feet, maybe a bike, or horse to move you stuff.

    You decide on Las Vegas, but so will 100,000 plus others. Can Vegas handle 100,000 homeless people, water, food, shelter, medical care, and transportation away to other states. What about AZ.? Same problems absorbing that many people. What would you do?

    Long term; what could happen to the US, and the rest of the world?

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    I'll start since I lived there for 16 years. Saw the growth, problems, changes that effected the whole state. Loved in Japan where they take construction very seriously, because of earth quakes, lived and worked in both low and high deserts over 16 years, so I have experience surviving.

    If the CA. cannot support and I had to move, my group would move along the 55/15 because it leads over the local mountains. There is running water (rivers) that you can folliw. I expect to make 5-10 miles per day walking. Keeping a low profile/ grey man status keep moving.

    Will the government help? Not enough resources are available. Transport via air, road, and rail will start by local until over run by people. Military yes some help again not enough support.

    where do you send them?

    Where/What type of shelter?


    Medical. Not just for injuries but diseases do to bad water?

    Transport away to other states who will need to absorb these people? Rail is the best idea here.


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      If it's a truly major tectonic plate shift like some people describe then good luck with that.
      central valley will be an inland sea or giant bay.
      Everything on the western mountains will get wiped out in the mega tsunami. Sierra Nevada range may end up as part of the new coastal mountains. And the coastal ones as islands.

      Or worse and now that old song ocean front property in Arizona is playing in my mind.


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        Same as BigEd63, I don't foresee too many people surviving an event of that magnitude.


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          And I'll add this much two plates will shift and may have a domino affect. I'd hate to have the magma some at yellowstone blow it's top at the same time. And that trigger the new madrid fault line.

          Yeah I'm being one big ray of sunshine this Sunday afternoon.


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            Yes when working in Yuma they always said buy property here some day it will be beach front! Got to wonder about that.


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              Let us try to see this situation from the other people's perspective.

              If this mega earthquake doesn't activate Yellowstone's huge caldera; how will people to the East view the huge masses of refugees from the West?

              If you lived to the East, how would you view them is the question.