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Alone TV show, 10 gear picks? Please stick to the allowed list.

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  • Alone TV show, 10 gear picks? Please stick to the allowed list.

    here's the 40 or so possible items. Nothing else is allowed. Picking two of the same item is not allowed. No guns, lures, rods/reels, poison, traps, commercial snares. No water filter, no lighter, only 60 sq ft of 1.5" mesh netting. only 25 hooks, no bigger than a certain size. The food rations are 2 lbs in size, can't take more than 2 rations can't take all pemmican, or all chocolate. One of each. You will be given a 10x10 tarp, a 20x20 tarp, flare, life vest, bear spray, medical kit, headlamp, not part of your 10 items. Notice the clothing list. That's all you're allowed.

    Each Alone participant brings clothing, safety, and survival gear to the Arctic. Here’s a list of all of the standard items the participants are given, as well as the master list from which they are allowed to select ten special items.

    My choices are the Cold Steel shovel, modified to have 8" of real-deal saw edge. A highly-modified Crunch multitool, the reflective 12x12 tarp, the $70, 2 person Amazon cotton rope hammock, the cookpot, the fishing kit, the snare wire (some of it copper for starting fires) the big roll of duct tape, the 3 lb block of sea salt, one of chief Aj's slingbows,

    If you know anything, you dont need the sleeping bag nor the ferrorod. The axe, saw, belt knife, paracord and gillnet are very inferior picks. You dont need a warming fire inside of your shelter That's high-risk and wasteful of 100+ hours of work and a 40,000+ calories. There's no need to spend more than a day on a very warm/insulated shelter-build and no need of more than 1 hour 's worth of shelter-build for the first month or more ,along with an hour of debris-gathering for a 'bed".

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    the key to winning the 1 million $ prize, for having lasted 100 days, is to unravel the cotton rope hammock (900 ft of rope) unravel the rope into its 3 strands, unravel each strand into its 44 threads, separate the threads and spin 6 threads into a strand that's strong enough to form a gillnet or a net- trap. 8 strands are needed to make the seine. You can make 1800 sq ft of 3" mesh netting in 6 days. 4 baited net-traps and 300 sq ft of seine. The actual body of the net traps, and the "guide wings" close to the neck of the trap need to be 1.5" mesh. The next 1/3rd of the wings can be 3" mesh with splits of local reeds,vines, roots, shoots, or strips of bark woven into the 3" mesh and the outer 1/3rd of the wings can be made of stacks of stones, stakes, brush etc, because the fish are not under stress there. The seine can be 3" mesh, because it is moving. Wish will move to avoid the advancing seine and you use it and the pontoon outrigger raft only to "chivvy" the fish up to the net traps. If need be, tho, the seine could also have local vegetation woven into it. By using chum-lines and a fire with a 4x4 lean to of the reflective tarp, shining the firelight down into the lake, your middle of the night "run" with the seine might well be your most profitable one. You'll be running a seine thru 200,000 cubic feet of heavily baited water. So you'll certainly catch 10 lbs of fish per day and probably double that. A lb of live fish weight is 350 calories. So you'll need to eat those 10 lbs of fish every day for the first 40 days, needing 10 days to get everything set up. Youll catch half that much for 5 days, and it might well be 60 days before the lake freezes over. Hole up for the final 50 days on whatever fish you've preserved-frozen and on your body fat. With a really well-insulated, sealed shelter, your food requirements will drop to at least 2500 calories per day and perhaps just 2000 per day for as small woman. A lb of bodyweight is 3000 calories. So a 40 day fast will mean that you lose 30 lbs. Once you've lost all of your body fat, you;ll lose 1.5 lbs of body weight per day. They pull you from the show if you drop below 17 BMI. They weigh you once per week.


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      You can make a pontoon outrigger raft in a day, using (as of yet) un-needed clothing. they let you take 5 layers of clothing for your legs and 7 for your torso. Given the clothing made out of the reflective 12x12 tarp, the duct tape and dry debris, you can do without 2 layers of clothing until the lake freezes over. Two shirts, 2 pants, having been water-proof sprayed while you were still at home, the backpack (also water proofed) and the life vest are your 6 pontoons. The 8 small logs are just the needed framework. It doesn't matter if they float or not. Make a set of water wings out of the tarp, tape and debris. This raft is not intended to cross the Bering Straits! it's for setting and servicing your net traps. I personally would not take it in water that is more than 6 ft deep. Then you can "bounce" off of the mud, get a gulp of air and swim for shore. When youre out on the raft, dont wear any of your regular clothing. Nearby on shore, have a fire, coals buried in the ashes, hot rocks, your dry clothing, the debris-stuffed 10x10 tarp that they give you, Wear only the tarp-based clothing and the debris. Then, when (not if) you get wet, simply shed the tarp clothing and debris, go get warm and dry, get new debris, shake the water off of the tarp clothing and get back to work.


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        here's how to convert the 20x20 tarp into a roomy tent in half an hour. Use it to protect the debris that you gather up, for later use as insulation. The 10x10 tarp is folded in half, stuffed with 12" of debris, its edges tied, so that it becomes a 5x10 ft blanket. Later, the 20x20 will be folded in half, stuffed with 6" of debris and draped over a triangular pole frame, 4x4x7 ft. This sleeping shelter will be centered upon a pole box, 18" high, 5x8 ft in size, stuffed with dry debris. The blanket will be tucked into the pole frame and you'll have 18" of compressed dry grass all around you, along with the 8 layers of clothing that you take and make, with debris between each layer. You wont need a fire inside of your shelter down to at least -20F. I've been unable to test this set up at colder temps, but you can always use the hot stones under your bed trick. Surrounded by 2" of ashes, 4 head sized rocks, down in a row of 1 cubic foot pits, a foot apart, edge to edge, will warm such a shelter for 4 hours. A Siberian fire lay will warm up the rocks in half an hour. At most, you might have to use the hot rocks for the final 2 weeks of the challenge.

        Lonnie configures a tarp into a tent that is totally enclosed, including a door as well as a floor. This is a demonstration of the setup so that you can lea...


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          A snowshoe hare offers only 700 calories.a cottontail only 500 calories a large squirrel 400 calories, a grouse 250 calories. you are STUCK in a 1.2 mile radius of your drop off location.. Half of your 5 sq mile allotment of land is on the LAKE. If you caught every small animal on your little plot of land, it would not properly feed you for a month. The odds are very small that a big animal will set foot on your little plot of land while you are there, much less give you a bow shot at it. Fish are the only reliable source of calories for you. They deliberately send you there so late in the year that the birds have migrated and the plants are all died back. So netfishing is your only hope of obtaining enough calories to last 100 days.


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            what I thought. Nobody knows jack squat.


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              No, just not going to waste time regarding a fascination with a TV program that was initiated as entertainment rather than real life experiences.


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                it's a TV show.
                It's not even a valid scenario - it is entertainment.

                what you thought was wrong. The reality is, nobody cares about the show in this context.

                Insulting people for not jumping on your favorite subject or post is generally frowned upon.

                It's hard to take someone seriously who insults people over not liking or responding to a post. My friendly advice here, is to lay off the insults and shrug it off. Post good topics for conversations, join in on existing discussions - participation is welcome.