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    If this thing is worldwide, perhaps. But if it's just part of the world, the rest of the world can sell to the hurt part, correct? Perhap they will buy solar power and local-only things? Do you mean appliances in the home will be ruined also? food processor, like that? Light bulbs will be burnt out? Gas appliances should be ok, true?


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      Haley, If you are relying on natural gas piped to your home and power in the entire area goes out as soon as the pumps that push the gas stop you will began to loose pressure and soon gas will no longer flow through the pipes. If you have bottled gas (propane) as soon as the bottle or tank is empty your gas appliances will no longer work. If you have electronic ignition (sparks) to lite your burners without electricity your gas will not lite. A stove top can be lit with a match but your oven will be useless or to dangerous to use. Anything with any type of of electric thermostat will no longer work.

      And don't kid yourself if only part of the world is effected they will sell to the affected part but at what price? And how long before the salesman arrives?
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        Originally posted by Haley View Post
        If this thing is worldwide, perhaps. But if it's just part of the world, the rest of the world can sell to the hurt part, correct? Perhap they will buy solar power and local-only things? Do you mean appliances in the home will be ruined also? food processor, like that? Light bulbs will be burnt out? Gas appliances should be ok, true?

        Here is some good beginning information on solar EMP events.

        Hope it helps.



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          if an EMP or other such event happened we would go back to something equivalent to the mid 18th century just before the Industrial Revolution began.
          have a look at youtube "tales from the green valley" will show you the sort of lifestyle I think we will be living post event.


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            Originally posted by dalewick View Post
            Last year the world narrowly missed (by about a month) what would be a major SHTF event of a world wide severe EMP. So imagine, no more television, cell phones, modern automobiles, computers, etc., etc. The "modern" countries, such as the U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, Europe, Russia, Japan, Hong Kong, India, etc., are all set back at least 100 years technologically. At first, things will be very bad due to the artificial lifestyles that cities and urban areas have created as people deal with starvation, disease and violence. Those that can will flee for rural areas and anyplace that rumor control says is a safe refuge. Those in rural areas will be busy producing food and defending against what they will consider "invaders" from urban areas and just surviving. Many areas will likely become almost feudalistic in nature as around military bases and others that can maintain power will fill the vacuum of government loss by maintaining authoritative controls.

            Some time between years 2 and 3 after the event, when most of the worlds mass dying is over, life will start to take on a "routine". Society will have established into it's sectors (producers, services, farmers, warriors (soldiers & law enforcement), criminals) and people will once again be at the business of making life better for themselves and there children.

            Many things will have changed but technology will not be totally lost, nor will electricity and the benefits derived from it. Fuel sources are still available and can be mined and/or refined at a slower and smaller rate and modern devices such as windmills, solar, micro hydro power and ethanol generators, etc. will be generating electricity. Remember, a percentage of the population was ready for this (preppers) and raw resources (scrap and old equipment) will be available.

            Considering that pace of life in the aftermath with what you realistically can see yourself doing to make a living, whether it's growing crops, raising livestock, building/creating things for sale or trade, running an inn, or a combination of things.

            What will your quality of life be? Better or worse, than right now?

            Will you have had to slow down the pace of your life so that your getting to watch your children/grandchildren grow up into young adults in this new world. Will you have the time to teach them what they will need in this new world to prosper. Will you get to enjoy the fruits of your labors. Grow old with the ones you love.

            What do you think?
            nearly all of the seed is hybrid, so there will be no second year of crops. The animals will all have been eaten, including game and fish, within a couple of months. There will be no oxen, horses, etc, to help move anything. No cats to keep down pests or dogs to give warning of trouble. 2 years after shtf, 99.9% of the population will be dead. 99% in one year, 90% in six months.
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              "Heirloom or Heritage" seed is what is needed to store for future use, Hybrid (F1 on the packet) will give you a feed if nothing else .


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                you'll have the life of a Russian peasant, at best and virtually no health care. The refrigeration-required medicines will all be gone and probably, too, the aiblity to make any more. Without antibiotics, LOTS of stuff that's minor now will be fatal. A mere UTI will back up into your kidneys and finish you off. It's not going to be better for anyone, with the possible exception of nuke missile sub crews who put in at some remote tropical island. They'll have electricity, and the ability to desalinate sea water.


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                  life will just be simpler, no going off to a job or a career, our job will be to put food on the table and that is all.
                  there are plenty of natural plants that have antibiotic properties..
                  as for trading and setting up businesses, forget it, that will take several decades if not longer, with the huge mortality rate of the general public it will take longer for any kind of society to reappear.


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                    I suspect the greatest change will be the loss of knowledge. Sure we will remember the technologies that had worked before, but who will remember how to repair and maintain those systems? Pick any one system HVAC, electrical generation, metallurgy, heck making plywood, who will remain who knows how to operate those systems?

                    Of course, there will be a lot of material to salvage so many localized systems could be operable for a while if anyone local knows how. But a large die-off of the general population will create a scarcity of knowledgeable workers in every industry at every location.

                    Even in simpler times, it took the blacksmith to fix the plow.
                    If it was man made it can be man re-made.


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                      we will keep the knowledge we need for a simpler life, this can be taught to the next generation so they can pass it on to their next generation.


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                        put those types of books on a reader, replicated on another one and you'll have that knowledge, but a helluva lot of stuff will not be feasible to replicate and gasoline is one of them.


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                          once the supply chain collapses anything man made will be finite, there will be just so much of it and no more, once its used up it will all be gone.
                          post collapse if we cant make it, repair it, breed it or grow it ourselves then we will have to live without it, thats the meaning of self reliance.