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Eletrical ad vice needed....batts and inverters...

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  • Eletrical ad vice needed....batts and inverters...

    I have 8 deep cycle, 6v, golf cart batts ordered that will be here sometime next week.

    I have access to a bunch of aluminum 1" x 1" x 1/8" sq. tube....and a bunch of aluminum 2" x 6" x 3/16" ret. tube....for frame work.

    I have this trailer to put it on....

    and the rest of this to work with....

    I do have a work top (flip up side access doors...and door in back.) for the trailer...haven't picked it up yet. I have 2 of the Harbor Freight 45w solar panel setups to go on the top for charging be supplemented by a Coleman 1850 Sport....seen here...

    What I some ideas on configuration. The interior of the trailer will have a lot of comms gear....and storage space. but I have no issues with using it for batts and such.

    Please...give me some ideas...I know what I have in mind....but will post it later as to not bias the brain storming...:)

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    Well the first thing I suggest is make them 2 banks of 4

    with an isolator switch so that you can switch to one bank and use it or switch to the other

    also allows you to screw up and drain one by accident by leaving something on and not be dead in the water

    you'll want to run the 6v bats in series
    then parallel them to the next set

    layout i'd prob put a bank on each side of the trailer

    heat will be an issue when running any kind of a load in an enclosed space or even out in the sun, so you may want to build an enclosure for the inverters that is fan cooled.. maybe even solar fan cooled

    Additionally you charge them seperately

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      I suppose weight distribution will be an issue.....a row down each side is prudent.

      So you don't think that I should be charging each bank at one time?....but rather do each batt individually?

      I had thought of 2 banks of 4 for the 6v....with an inverter off each bank....and then a inverter for each of the NSB-100s...for 3 separate power sources.

      The batt back up...I just put a new batt in....and had it is a pure sign inverter (note...never throw one of those away....usually the batt is replaceable....and they are a very nice inverter.) This is probably what I'll run comms off of.

      The smaller inverter will go into the tow vehicle for power there.

      The generator will go in the side box....and on the other side will be 3 NATO cans for fuel.

      I'm going to pull the trailer out and examine it better to see how stuff fits after the other batts arrive.
      Live like you'll die tomorrow, learn like you'll live forever.