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Off-grid lumber mill

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  • Off-grid lumber mill

    I'm including a few pics of my friend's lumber mill. His location is an old homestead on a bench at the top of a canyon. He has rebuilt the old home and since it never was on the grid he simply added propane, generators then solar and lastley a home built cell phone repeater. The man is a freaking genius. The mill is powered by 2 old deisels and a generator for the various cutters and planners, my friend says he has $10,000.00 invested. He recently purchased a steam power plant and intends to reassemble it to power a generator to run the mill and his home, he will fuel the steam plant with the mill's waste wood.
    The first picture is the location of the homestead and the rest is the mill machinery.
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    Cool thanks for sharing kenno. I really enjoy seeing setups like this as it is something I'd like to do one day.

    Sounds like the cellphone repeater is a good idea, probably replaces his landline and maybe provide him with wireless internet? Like to hear more about that repeater:)


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      The homestead land is fantastic and so is his lumber mill set up. He could not only mill lumber for himself, but he also has a good sideline industry and barterable skill as well.

      Some people make good money just offering to rent out hydraulic wood-splitters. But if he can mill the wood as well as split it, he will be a much-needed person for builders in the area. If cash got too tight, he could offer developers to clear out woodland in exchange for the resulting lumber, then barter back the lumber in exchange for the developers building him new facilities. There are all kinds of possibilities with a lumber mill.
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