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solar freezer hack

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  • solar freezer hack

    Note: I tried referencing other sites that discuss this topic, but apparently I haven't posted enough to this forum to be allowed to post URLs...

    I'm starting a project to convert an old freezer chest into a solar fridge...

    Basically the process involves installing a thermostat inside the freezer that connects to a switch, so the thermostat will flip the switch and cut off power to the compressor before it actually drops below freezing. If the manufacturing section would produce either a chest fridge or a freezer that could be reset to fridge temperature, you wouldn't have to do this, but I guess that would just make far too much sense. Northern Tool produces DC powered solar fridges, but the prices are ridiculous.

    I've found a product on the market that can function as both the thermostat and power switch. I can't post the link, but it is used for home brew operations.

    This brings me to the power question. I live off the grid and have no connections to county power lines. I'm going to have to install a solar panel and devote it entirely to powering the fridge as a self contained system. Is anyone out there who has more experience than me with this? What is the cheapest panel I can get that will do the job? Supposedly, the compressor will only be on for about 90 seconds per hour, but I imagine that energy pull will be fairly strong. Also, the inverter will obviously pull constantly off the battery, an unfortunate issue.

    Anyone have any advice for the best panel, charge controller, battery, inverter combination for this job?

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    We have got alot of solar panels and charge controllers off of Ebay, and they work great and if you catch them at the right time can be very cheap in price
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