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Wood burning cookstove

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  • Wood burning cookstove

    Guys I have been out of the net for quite awhile but would like to share this with you. I installed a Bakers choice wood burning cookstove last fall and the timing could not have been better (coldest/longest winter I remember). I have heated and cooked almost exclusively the whole winter and would like to report it was easy and enjoyable. There was a small learning curve all to do with burning a low fire.

    Note: To the married ones: it should be noted that I don't maintain a domestic complaint unit for corrective feedback. If you try one of these your experience might be different than mine. lol.

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    I'd be curious to see how you like it during the summer months.I remember as a kid my grandparents had a wood cook stove as the only means of cooking (before microwaves) and it was pretty rough around mealtime in the summer. But those meals sure seemed to taste better.
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      Oh I'm under no illusion as far as summer months go. This stove was part of a total remodeling of my "man kitchen" there is a gas (propane)cooktop built into the stainless steel counter among other creature comforts. I'm not sure at what outside temp I will want to stop using the woodstove but I have used it at 65 deg so far. Using lump charcoal a pretty small fire can be built (if wood is used with a very low fire you get a creosote build up).
      Originally I wanted a traditional cast iron stove like my grandmother had but the Amish man that sold me this one pointed out the advantages to their modern stoves. One of the reasons I chose this model was much of the heat produced is channeled around the oven and leaving the oven door closed will the vent open much of the heat goes up the stove pipe.The stove itself is air tight and the fire can be very closely controled or even choked off. That said, don't expect buscuits in august lol.


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        In the south it is a tradition to build a detached kitchen and install wood heat stoves in the home for winter use.
        Where I live summer temps reach about 90 degrees for a week or two. A true heat wave is 100 or so. Winter temps hit -24! In those conditions a wood cook stove inside the home is no problem, what with BBQs and all for summer use! One of the best things about the cookstove is using it as a water heater. It is easy to pipe water through the stove (most have an adapter) and run it to the modern water heater or other places in the home. Up north, in the winter, hot water pipes are a blessing!
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          Kenno The model I would have bought if I had the room offered optional water tank and/or stainless steel coils for hot water heating. Btw you made my renovation job bigger an outdoor kitchen is now part of the plan. LOL.