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Portable Tankless Water Heater = Cool?

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  • Portable Tankless Water Heater = Cool?

    Came acorss thought it might be neat for a remote cabin etc what do you guys think?


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    That is an interesting niche product and the price is good. Propane powered so you really could cram it into a small cabin. I must be to much of a nerd though as I compare this to a solar water heater panel system that wouldn't require propane tanks. Though assuredly the cost of water heated panels is MUCH more.


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      Looks like a neat unit.

      I have had experience with camp showers in the past. Coleman used to offer a pump that ran off of 4 D cells and it provided pretty decent water pressure. You had to heat up your own water, but 4 gallons of water gave you a decent shower, even if you like to lollygag:D

      The last one I experienced was a Zodi (like these ). Nicer setup, more user friendly.

      I have also seen one that you lay in some hot coals (like a coil) and it heats up your water that way, similar to how instant on ones work. I forget how it pumped water... but was a neat idea!

      Of course the one you listed is good for a cabin.


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        I have had experience with the residential gas powered tankless POU water heaters in europe, they are very effecient and I wanted to install them in my home but they were not available. A few years back I came across a guy at a horse camp that had salvaged one from somewhere and hooked it up on his flatbed with a 12V water pump a 50 gallon water drum and a propane tank. Lots of hot water! These residential units are on the market now but still an expensive inital investment.
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          I have a tankless water heater, I pump water from my rainbarrel through it & think it to be the best shower I've ever had.
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            Here it is, this little unit went in my cabin shower shortley after this pic. Let me tell you, it is worth every penny I paid on it and the building of my shower.
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