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Raised-bed vegetable gardens

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    Here's my raised bed garden:

    after loosening the soil to about 6 inches, I then dug furrows and created squares for planting. I did lose some area, but it will be easier to move among the garden and pick the veggies, weed, etc without stomping all over the plants.

    I did use a companion gardening guide, and the squares for tomatoes are far from the squares for corn; but green beans can be near the corn, etc

    edited to add: this is one of the earlier pics I took, I did continue to weed out grass and roots, and level the squares. I even have some plants now in there that haven't died on me.....
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      Looks great-lots of hard work.


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        Great Job, Brosia!!


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          heres one

          this is a bed ive done since febuary its my 1st
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