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people seem to think that without electricity, there can be no life.

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  • people seem to think that without electricity, there can be no life.

    If shtf, I want nothing to do with a generator, or having a normal light at night. The only need I'll have for electricity will be be to recharge batteries for the day/night scope on the riffle and for the nvd goggle. In most places, a solar charger will suffice for that. In places that dont get much sun, you'll need a Biolite wood stove-charger. For the first year of shtf, it will be extremely dangerous to be anywhere but in a hole in the ground. The viet cong lived that way for 30 years, in the jungle, with poisonous snakes and insects, crawling everywhere, flooding during the monsoon rains and the US dropping 500 lb bombs on them. Their tunnels had to be 30 ft down in order to protect them from such bombs. So you can stand to do so for a year, only 12" underground, in temperate climate.. You'll be glad to be down in the ground out of the heat and the cold. This temperature-moderation only requires you to be 5 ft underground. the tunnel need not be that deep. Only your living chamber needs to be "climate-controlled".

    People also seem to "think' that they'll need to build a lot of stuff from scratch and so, they need to store up lots of tools, have lots of skilled tradesmen in their group. Why? 99% of the population will be dead in a year. There will be housing, diesel fuel, diesel pickup trucks, diesel generators (on trailers) welders, hand and power tools all over the place, just waiting to be gathered-up and used. What need would you have of a carpenter, plumber, etc? Even a medical doctor will be EXTREMELY limited in what he can do for you, when he lacks medicines, or even a sterile environment for surgery. I think that there will be piles of ammo left, too, altho you'll have to look far and wide to find one. In any case, the animals will all have long since been eaten, by dogs, cats and people, so you'll have very little need of ammo. You can't practice, except perhaps with airsoft, .177 lead pellets or a silenced. 22lr. The noise will call in your killers.

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    I have lived off grid without electricity, running water and drains.
    post TEOTWAWKI we will either live a basic, simple life or we wont live..period.
    dont look for help from others, we will need to live a self reliant, self sufficient lifestyle.
    if you cannot repair or make something, then you will have to live without it.


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      not true at all. A year after shtf, 99% of the population will be DEAD. It will then be reasonably safe to go scrounge whatever you want, at night, with nvd goggles, Diesel fuel, diesel pickup trucks, diesel generators, welders, will be everywhere.


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        I do not base my survival on having to find something which I might stumble over, in the dark .
        anything I think I might need post SHTF I get NOW not after .
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          right, you've got the 1/2 million $ worth of stuff I"m talking about. just sitting in a shed and nobody's going to burn it down or steal it during shtf.


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            dont need that much, just the basics, wont be living a complicated life post SHTF, KISS Keep it simple, stupid.