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Self Reliance - Self Sufficiency - Self Self Self

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  • Self Reliance - Self Sufficiency - Self Self Self

    here's an article that's probably one of the better that I've seen in a year or two - 100% on target - and it just happens to preach my mantra ....

    your preps are just a stop gap - a hedge - until your self sufficiency plan can kick in and then help fill gaps on those lean months ....

    when a SHTF hits - no matter how minor or serious - don't take it at face value - it can and most likely will get worse by other SHTFs adjoining and compounding together ... an initial 1 month predicted longevity suddenly is more like 6 months or longer ... ... nt-enough/

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    Very interesting article, and I agree with the philosophy. I want to read more of Jose's articles. That is somebody who is living the nightmare as we speak.
    The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.

    Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the reason is you are stupid, and make bad decisions.


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      I've always thought of my food stockpile as a temporary back up plan for when we cant grow our own food(bad weather, winter etc) or to supplement whatever fresh food we can or cannot get, or until we can harvest our first crops, or its just not safe to go out there(the hunker down period)whatever it is our stockpiles will not last forever, over here if you can stock 12 months worth your doing pretty well, but at some time it will all run out and we will have to be self sufficient self reliant by that time.