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  • Straw Bale House

    While engaged in the mindless chore of drawing 100 stars to use on a quit for my for my cuz I tuned into the DIY channel to their Building Off Grid. They were running all day. The most unusual was the straw bale house. Build frame lean-to style. Stack in bales. Wrap in chicken wire. Apply Stucco. Tin roof. Straw insulates house. Stucco makes it fire resistant and preserves the straw. Pray it does not rain on you while stacking straw and applying stucco. Break over back to quilt. will check on line later for more info on this type house.
    wonder if could use hay?

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    I'd be worried about the big bad wolf coming down and blowing it down! Hehe

    It would be warm. We used to play in hay bales when I was a kid. We'd build whole forts out of them, sometimes, tunneling into huge stacks by removing one bale at a time. Good times. :)

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      I have heard of this. Might be ok till you can build something a bit better. I used to live in a house that was stucco. Parents put siding over it. Stucco is suppose to be better than brick houses or so they say.


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        This could be something you could use short term or in a shift situation if you were short of cash. We had a scenario of losing house in a teotwawki situation . This might be an alternative to a 'normal build" if you could use a clay/straw coating instead of the commercial stucco. Inside and out. needs further investigation. Perhaps could just use straw or hay as insulation if you could keep it in the dry.


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          Fire would be one problem. Even if you had no rain while building every time there is humidity around the straw would gather it in. So then you have mold and mildew as your first problem, then there is the possible of self ignition of the straw.


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            Fire would be my biggest concern. Second would be what other critters would like to take residence inside my straw walls. It would seem that would be a haven for mice, which would attract the snakes, and other predators that feed on small rodents. I think I would opt for a teepee before I built a straw house.
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              The above wikipedia site gives pros and cons of a straw bale house. To me the proper weather and protection against rodents during the building of the house present the biggest problems. On the funny side one straw bale house that was not coated with plaster or stucco wound up being eaten by cows!