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HyBrid Solar #2

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  • HyBrid Solar #2

    Here is another brand of hybrid solar system that I built for a elderly disabled lady that was preparing for the fuzz. It spins the meter backwards untill the power goes down and automaticly switches over to battery back up.

    This Ol Gal was more prepared than most of the people I have ever met, hands down. I talked to her about food storage, medicine, old methods of all sorts and I gained a good bit of knowledge from her all while helping her out.

    Moral of this story: You never know who is gonna teach you a few new things.
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    Watch this!!

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    I would looooove to have a system like that! I could put the solar panels on my back roof which faces south. Battery storage outside like she has wouldn't take up inside room.
    We get a lot of sun in SE Texas.
    After the batteries are fully charged, about how long will they run an average house if it gets cloudy outside?
    Now if I could just find all that money I misplaced...


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      I try to shoot for 1-2 days per a charge, it all depends on amp hours of storage and your conservation. The thing you always need to consider is what is it going to take to charge them up, and then you need to consider how much power you need for consumption while charging
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