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    Originally posted by sunring View Post
    Murphy, can you share a little more of the procedure on converting the plastic into kerosene.
    You basically just put it into an air tight container so no oxygen enters and heat it up slowly to about 500° F. The plastic will melt into a pool of liquid and start to vaporize. Because there's no oxygen, it won't burn.
    There are some other things involved but none of it is complicated and can all be figured out with hands-on practice. Temperature control is important as getting it too hot or too cold produces poor results.

    From there, its really no different than your average alcohol still... you run the vapors through a cooling condenser and out comes liquid.

    Different temperatures of heating will produce different compounds in various purity's, again, just like alcohol distillation, only its plastic.

    There are lots of youtube video's of the process.. some better than others.

    You'd be surprised at the number of things you can make from common materials if you fabricate a heavy duty system. Common wood can be turned into what basically amounts to natural gas, plastics into various oils, etc.

    Wood gassifiers would be far more useful in a SHTF situation as the gas can be used for running engines cleanly, used for heating, lighting, etc. Wood is easy to find.

    Plastics are useful as well but are mostly limited to making diesel fuel and kerosene.

    One of the biggest mistakes most folks make when fabricating their systems is material selection. Any old steel apparatus will work but stainless will tends to last forever. Whatever system you build, build it out of stainless steel and it will be around for a very long time.