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  • EDC carry method??

    I am curious what your preferred method is to carry your EDC (every day carry) knife. After many scars and torn up jean pockets I gave up on folding clip knives and made some EDC fixed blade knives for my work. I usually carry mine in a horizontal cross draw kydex sheath mounted just left of my belt buckle with a small Tek Lok attachment. I use this mount method during summer months when i dont go shooting much but in the winter when we have long range rifle competitions and we prep for them I carry my EDC in a small of he back configuration for right handed draw cause it aint no fun to shoot prone with a G10 or micarta knife handle working its way into your bladder

    as a knife maker i love to hear other peoples preferred or desired methods of carry so let me know how ya like it so maybe i can make it and give it a try.

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    I guess I haven't had the bad luck with my pockets that you have. It is still a simple folder in a front pants pocket for me. Nothing fancy.
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      I've carried a Leatherman Charge TTi clipped to my front pocket for 5 years now. Never had a pocket tear or lose the knife. I also carry a second cheapo tactical blade (thumb post for rapid deployment as 'assisted opening' knives are illegal were I live) in my rear pocket next to my wallet. I practice drawing and deploying both knives as rapidly as I can every day.


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        I carry a good quality folding drop point clipped to my front right pocket. I have not had any tears or losses either.
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          I carry mine inside the waste band just like my gun. I turn the sheath around fold the belt loop down and slide the belt through. My shirt covers it.
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            I carry my tactical knife cliped to my front left hand pocket (My weak side) and have nerver had problems with lost knifes or warn pockets, But then again I usally wear tactical pants that are made for carry... I carry a sog,
            bench made, beretta, or karsaw with me just about every place I go
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              I carry mine in my front pocket. What I usually carry are knives without pocket clips though.....


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                My SAK goes in my right front pocket, the larger folder clipped in my right back pocket right at the forward edge and my Mora #2 tends to be EDC because its in my EDC backpack that goes almost everywhere with me.
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                  My SAK is in my right front pants pocket unless I am carrying a firearm. In which case, it will be in the left pocket. I sometimes will use a clip on my right rear back pocket with jeans. But I am not a big clip person.


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                    I carry my BCK skorpion jr flipper in my right pocket useing the pocket clip in tip up configuration.
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                      Usually carry a folder clipped in the right front and don't have any problems with it. But I'm also usually wearing VertX pants which have pockets designed for that. When I want to carry a fixed blade it's an ESEE 3, inside the waistband, in front, on the weak side.
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                        I don't like to put too much into these threads that ask what I carry, what's on my nightstand etc, but had a funny episode today so I wanted to share it. We took my son to a Dr consultation regarding another surgery. My boy is 16 and for several years now he carries a knife everywhere but school. We don't think about it because a knife is just a tool to us. So when he gets out of bed, he clips his CRKT folder inside his pants pocket, unless he is going to school, and then he grabs it as soon as he walks in the door.
                        So I bought him a fixed blade last week, and he has been carrying it on his belt. No big deal to our redneck family.
                        The physician who met with us today is a very specialized expert in his field. His life is all about city living, consultations in skyrise hospitals, surgeries, flying all over the world to do his specialty. You could just tell how completely foriegn it was to him when he spotted the knife. (If I had thought of it I would have had him carry his little folder.)
                        He asked my son "XXXXXX, are you carrying a knife? How scared of this visit were you?"
                        We tried to explain that we are just country, and he said, "no problem, actually I find it completely charming...."
                        We left, and my son looks at me and said, "Charming? Really? Not exactly flattered by that."

                        The whole thing is a good chance for me to explain to my son about chosing the right gear for the environment he will be in.
                        (And to be reminded myself.)
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                          i carry my gerber prodigy everywhere i go most of the sheath fits in my right pocket and if ya didnt know i have it you wouldnt cuz ya cant see it and i usually wear kaki style pants so i dont worrie about loosing the pocket
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                            Carry my largest jack knife in my purse and a sizeable Buck knife under the driver's seat of my car. Not my first line of defense so harder to get to.