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  • Tomahawks

    Most people will have reservation about it. But a tomahawk with your survival kit is an addition you can't over look. One, It can be used to chop wood, Clean and skin a deer, shape wood for gear or replacement parts, or as a weapon

    Anyone else have thoughts about the tomahawk?

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    A tomahawk is a weapon. It cannot take the stress of cutting wood as its main job. On the other hand a hatchet is near the same size - But is heaver due to both weight of the head and handle. If you need something that you can count on day after day to do its job get a hatchet. Since it's a sharp blade you can use it as a close in weapon.


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      It depends on the maker of the tomahawk. I've seen compition hawks, weapon hawks and those little crap made hawks that looks good on a wall. If you want one that is to be used for general purpose then let some manufactor know what you want and they might make it for you. Some hawks are for weapons. The best all around hawk is one made from a single piece of iron that is bent and welded by hand and fitted with a hickory handle. The blade is tempered to with stand any use.


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        I'm confident of my Cold Steel Rifleman's Tomahawk doing everything I ask of it. Don't plan on cutting down a whole forest with it, but it has and will chop enough to meet my needs.
        Jerry D Young


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          In my experience I can do everything and more with a big knife that can be done with a tomahawk. I will admit a tomahawk is a better weapon, but I don't expect to be doing as much hand to hand fighting as bushcraft. One good thing about a tomahawk is it can be used like a knife if that is all you have.


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            I have both a hawk ( SOG fusion) as a weapon and I've gotten pretty good at hittin' what I aim at when throwing it. AS well as a Gerber "camp" hachet in my BOB. IMHO two different tools for two different jobs.


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              I have a Warbeast made by Devin Price. In my opinion it is easier for me to use than a hatchet or an axe and is more useful in a bushcraft environment. If I was planning on building a log cabin I would use an axe.