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Buck- Still made in the USA

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  • Buck- Still made in the USA

    I was just looking through the Knife Center online and decided to see what Buck was currently offering. I was pleasently suprised to see that you could filter by products made in the USA. I was more suprised to see that there was NINE pages of "Made in the USA"! Fixed blades, folders, pocket, tactical it was amazing! How can you go wrong with "Made in the USA"? Look through Gerbers offerings and you will see that very few are stamped with the Made in the usa versus made off shore. Buck has my support!

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    Good info to know. I was upset when Gerber went over seas to produce there knives.


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      Gerber's official defense is that the production facilities have to meet their stringent requirements; it's obvious that they are missing the point. Regardless if the facility is of good standing or not, it does not employ American workers! When Gerber was bought by Fiskars, things went down hill very quickly.


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        Sorry not a fan of Buck Knives at all!! CASE knives are still all made right hear in PA. Same People own the Zippo Lighter company to.


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          Seen a fair share of Bucks with "China" stamped on them too.


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            The bucks stamped china made to be sold by walmart. they also had some of their real cheap plastic knives made in china but in 2012 buck broke its ties with china as did Benchmade. Benchmade fans don't freak out it was just their cheap knives like the PIKA and some others that were made in china. Both companies found that the china made knives hurt their image.


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              I own six Buck knives and have never had a problem with them. Fortunately all of the ones I own were made right here in the USA. I also have my old Case leather stacked handle fixed blade I bought 37 years ago, but that one I keep in the safe for nostalgia reasons. I always have the first Buck 110 folder I bought 35 years ago on my belt everywhere I go. I keep getting Buck 110 folders for Christmas or birthday presents so I have one in my GHB and my BOB, as well as the one I carry with me. You can never have too many knives.

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                yeah I still have my buck knife that I got for high school graduation. lasted through college, Peace Corps, Park Ranger, and still with me today. Nothing you want to carry in a pocket, but damn, it holds an edge and just works.
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                  I have a knife that my youngest son's girlfriend bought in Sedona Az. Its either a 40 cal. bullet or bigger that is a knife. Will post a pic in the future. Awesome. You're right knives & dogs are man's best friend.


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                    Glad Buck's are still made in the USA. Have a couple of them myself and I remember as a kid,my dad always had his Buck 3 blade stockman pocket knife with him. I'm also a fan of Case. I have a Case sodbuster i really like. Recently bought a SOG multi tool. Quality item and one of the major selling points for me was that the tool and the sheath were made in the USA.