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bear grylls knife handle cut away...

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  • bear grylls knife handle cut away...

    Here is what is inside of a B.G. KNIFE Handle.

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    At least its full tang...
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      Full tang

      Well, I knew the tang did not terminate at the pommel. Idid a continuity test with a fluke digital meter and got infinite ohms. I glad to see it goes farther than I expected it would. Thanks for the cutaway.


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        I was disappointed when I saw that the hammer pommel was just attached with a pin into the composite handle.
        I can't take credit for doing the cutaway, I bought it that way.


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          I'm disappointed there is not a full survival kit stashed away inside. or at least a Sherpa....
          He who lives with the most toys, wins.


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            One photo is worth a thousand words. Great post.


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              Originally posted by Omegaman View Post
              One photo is worth a thousand words. Great post.
              So true! That cut away is a great idea, I'd like to see a cut away of the Gerber LMF in comparison.


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                I had there were problems with pommel breaking off even though its designed to hammer with now i know why thanks for the pics