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Customer service and the Gerber Bear Grylls knives.

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  • Customer service and the Gerber Bear Grylls knives.

    Hi all, Having recently bought three new Gerber blades and having two of them fail had been more than irksome. I virtually destroyed my BG ultimate knife on a simple camping trip and I noticed yesterday that the handle on my BG folding sheath knife is separating at the botom near the lanyard hole. I contacted Gerber and they are willing to take care of both without question. Not exactly what I was expecting and pleasantly suprised honestly. This goes along way in my book!

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    Gerber is a great company, I haven't had any dealings with them personally but everyone I know that has only has good things to say about there c.s.


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      Thats good to know since I just bought the BG ultimate knife. I got sucked in and had to buy it to give it a try. It looked like a decent design and I have always liked Gerber, so I thought "it couldn't be that bad"......we'll see.
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        I have had a few Gerber products in my time I have found them to be alright products their multi tool has been on my table more then a few times I have a box I call the Gerber graveyard from this stock of a few broken Gerber I fix a lot of others which come in with broken tools or blades or lost clips.


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          usually dont buy gerber, all the broken gerbers i have have been issued to me, but thats good to know about the customer service
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            Originally posted by emergprep View Post
            I contacted Gerber ....
            Could you share their contact info? Today I visited my local army surplus and saw a large cheapy pocket knife in the case. Turns out to be a Gerber Combat folder. The lady wanted $30 for it but I noticed 1/2 of the screw that provides the hinge point is broken off and the clip is missing so I got it for $20. I can replace the piece with some aftermarket hardware but I'd prefer Gerber parts if I can get them.

            Things are seldom what they seem.


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              I contacted the Gerber warranty folks late Friday afternoon .... replacement parts were in this morning's mail. Their knives may suck but they have unparalleled customer support.

              Things are seldom what they seem.


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                Wow.... you cant beat that. I have really never had any problems with Gerber so far. I have quite a few of thier knives and have been pleased with thier performance so far.
                To live is to survive, and to survive is to find meaning into something. Semper Fidelis.


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                  Agreed! I have used my BGUK alot since it was replaced. It turns out to be a good knife, not a great knife, but a good one none the less. I just recently bought a Becker companion but haven't really had a chance to use it. Echo2 did a great review and convinced me to buy one. So far, fit-finish and materials are beyond what I have recieved from Gerber for years.


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                    Not trying to stir the pot, but... In my opinion if you have already had two failures with a certain brand of knives this would not instill confidence in their products. I think it is great that they are standing behind their products. However, what good is anyone's customer service if one is depending on something as important as a good knife and it fails in the field? One could end up dead as a result. Just food for thought.

                    In my opinion something I heard in the gun world also applies to knives. The money saved by buying a cheaper product can be used by your loved ones for your funeral.

                    I once broke a Schrade Pro Hunter by lightly batoning it. I threw it out and will never buy a Schrade product again. Lucky for me this happened in the yard and not in the field.

                    I also understand that in today's economy funds can be a limiting factor on what we can afford. I once found a Cold Steel SRK at an antique store for $15.00 and a Cold Steel Special Projects knife that was made in the USA for $20.00. I gave the SRK away to someone interested in the outdoors who could not afford a decent knife.

                    If I had a $50.00 limit on a knife it would be something like the knife below. Yes it is used, but the steel is D2, has a Micarta handle, a leather sheath and is made in the USA.

                    A new one is $123.00.

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                      I currently have two gerbers. One I cannot remember the name of which is a fixed blade that is my everyday carry and the other is a Gerger Gator machette. I have been battoning the crap out of my fixed blade and so far so good. Now the Gerber gator machette in my opinion is awesom. I have the short version of this machette. It has a saw blade on top that cuts like a dream. The only thing that has really disappointed me is their sheathes. They are ok but I wish they were leather. I plan on buying a really good bushcraft knife as soon as I can afford it.