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Mini-Harpoon or Gig

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  • Mini-Harpoon or Gig

    Hey guys,
    I do a lot of hiking, and I always carry a small primitive survival pack that contains the items that "I" feel are needed in the event that I have to spend an unplanned night or three lost or injured in the woods. I'm also a cheap skate and prefer to make an item if it will save me a few bucks. What I'm showing today is an item that I made, but I'm not sure if anyone sells them even if I wanted to buy it. I made this gig from an old hacksaw blade in about 10 minutes. The design is sort of patterned after a harpoon, or frog gig. It is small and light, and I usually carry two or three with me in my bag.
    I tested it by splitting the end of a small sappling... inserting the blade into the split and lashing it on with paracord. A chicken breast was my target, and it worked quite well. I would imagine that with practice and patience, fish, frogs, or maybe even rabbits and birds could be on the menu. With a little added weight, it could probably be used as an arrow head as well. Worst case senario, I have an extra striker for my flint.

    Pictured with gigs sheath (flimsy plastic bus. card holder wrapped in ducktape) snare wire, and package of fish hooks with 50' of 8lb test.

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    The 12ga.... It's not just for rabbits anymore.

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    Love the idea. I am cheep also and try to repurpose things. I also carry 2 large rat traps for small game in emergencies.


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      I am not cheap but I do like to make stuff like this. I call it resourceful.