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Cool little neck knife

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  • Cool little neck knife

    I got a gift card to Gander Mtn this past Christmas. While scannng the clearance items I found this little neck knife called "The Wedge" It was marked down to $9.99, so I knew if it turned out to be a the cheap piece of Chinajunk that I suspected it might be, I wouldn't be out a ton of cash... Turns out my suspicions were wrong (though it was made in China:( ).
    The blade is a very thin stainless steel, full tang, and holds a razors edge with little maintenance. The grip is a hard textured zytel type plastic with a ridged back for better thumb grip and a hole for a lanyard. The sheath fits the blade like a glove and is made out of the same plastic as the knifes grip. The blade is secured in the sheath by an ingenious locking system that is easily deployed with one hand while drawing the blade.
    I've been wearing the Wedge for a few months now, and I can honestly say that it's worth every penny and more. I barely know it's there when I'm wearing it. It lays very flat on my chest, making it unoticable to others when worn under a shirt. (which is how I always wear it) The neck lanyard is a cheap nylon string, and even though I should replace it with some 550 paracord, I just haven't got around to doing it yet. All in all the Wedge has proven to be one of my favorite EDC items, and a very good buy.

    The 12ga.... It's not just for rabbits anymore.

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    that is awsome i will look it up tonight i have the smalll sog knife and love it but i love knives so i will most def check this one out
    the pack that plays together stays together


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      Prkchop wrote: i have the smalll sog knife and love it

      Nice... I really like the SOG products, but my wallet hates them. I was looking at the Swedge III a while back, but they wanted $180.00!!!!!
      I'll have to stick to my El Cheapo blades and Gerbers
      The 12ga.... It's not just for rabbits anymore.


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        i hear ya haus mine was only 25 at sportsmans warehouse i love ya
        the pack that plays together stays together