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Edged weapon and tool reviews.

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  • Edged weapon and tool reviews.

    I have noticed a lack of good information in knife reviews. Very rarely do you ever hear about how well a knife holds an edge or how easy or hard it is to sharpen or how they hold up in the long run.
    So after you have taken the time to actually use it let's hear about your stuff and how good it is or not good it is.
    Here's mine, Folks!

    Ontario Knife Company,
    SP5 A 10" flat ground bowie. 1095 carbon steel.
    This knife holds an edge very well is lightwieght for it's size and is a good chopper and slicer. It takes a little work to sharpen if you let it get dull, but if you touch it up on occasion not a problem. A bit too big for detail work. Good sheath.

    SP10 Marine Raider Bowie. 1095 carbon steel. Pretty much same as above. A bit heavy for my taste, but it does have the classic bowie shape. The sheath is a side loader, it works just fine but is not designed for quick retreval.

    SP8 Machete. A 10" flat point blade with an edge that goes all the way around the flat chisel like front of the blade. Heavy. This is the best chopper I own. Better than a hatchet. Otherwise same as above.

    Cold Steel G.I. Tanto. For $22 you can't beat this knife. Holds an edge and resharpens fairly easily. I don't care for the tanto point personally. If you get this knife with the plastic handles make sure you loctite the screws or they will fall out as mine did.
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