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Benchmade Auto Stryker 9100

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  • Benchmade Auto Stryker 9100


    Does anyone know of a website where there are actually good deals on Auto knives? I have two Benchmade Auto Strykers and I bought the last one on Ebay a few years ago. It appears that they don't sell them on Ebay anymore. I have a friend looking to buy an Auto Stryker, does anyone have any suggestions? I'm also in the market for a good multi-tool (I'm thinking about getting the SOG Power Assist EOD) and a good fixed blade (I'm looking for a Gerber ASEK). Thanks in advance

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    U.S. Cavalry sells Stryker. Most of the time there are dealers set up at gun shows that have a good selection of automatic knives,and yes EBay has banned the selling of auto knives on their site.
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