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My ulu!

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  • My ulu!

    This is my first attempt at an ulu,i seen a friend use one at our deer camp,and it worked great for skinning,so i thought i would build one,second knife built,kinda fun ,i just dont have enough patience to do it alot,my wife says A.D.D,oh well,cut from a concrete saw blade.The sheath is made from saddle leather,with deer horn button.I think it should work fine for skinning and chopping a salad,lol
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    Very cool!!!

    How long did it take you? what did you use to cut the concrete blade? Looks like it turned out very nice.
    The 12ga.... It's not just for rabbits anymore.


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      It took about three hours for the blade,and about two hours for the sheath,i used a drill to put the holes in the leather,it went pretty quick.I used a band saw to cut the ulu out,i figured it would keep the temp. down,it did, but when i formed the ulu with my grinder it heated up anyway,so i had to retemper the blade.It was fun,my next bladed project is a macheti,i just havent found the right steel yet,and i am not serious enough about it to forge the metal.That is what happens when one has alittle time on his hands and his wife kicks him out in to the shop on snowy


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        Well done!
        I've never seen an Ulu with a piece of antler as the handle.... very cool.


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          Looks great, very nice work.