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have ?'s about compound bows

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  • have ?'s about compound bows

    beginner need all the help i can get

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    Son-in-law is into them, will pick his brain for you.
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      What ya looking to find out????
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        Originally posted by Trapper View Post
        beginner need all the help i can get
        What kind of help do you need?


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          everything i can like can i switch the draw lenth on a compound


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            Each bow maker uses slightly different mechanism, but nearly all will adjust.

            This may help a little.


            put the www:// in front, the software won't let me post the link


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              Arrow selection

              Use only aluminum or carbon arrows with compounds. Do not use wood! I've heard of the shafts snaping under the stress and actually impaling/mangling the shooter. Compounds release all their energy in a shorter span than due recurves and longbows making wooden arrows a dangerous choice.


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                Here the most important things about you that efffect what bow you can shoot. First is your draw length, second is which is your dominant eye, these are all about you and can not be changed. I would recommend you go to an archery shop to be tested for these and if you have a pro shop I would go there first before a chain store ( BP or cabelas ). I work as a tech at an archery pro shop and I am factory trained by hoyt, mathews, pse, parker, bear, martin and whisper creek I am also a pro staff shooter. I shoot both compounds and traditional bows and hunt with both. Don't fall into the this bow ( insert bow makers name here) is the best and only bow to shoot. When people ask me what I shoot I tell them I shoot a Hoyt BUT Iam going to set up a bunch of different bows for you to shoot and you will know by feel what is the best bow for you. Bows draw weights are adjustable by 10lb on average 70lb bow goes down to 60lb and so on. As for adjustable draw length if you are an adult and are not growing then you don't need a bow that will grow with you so you could go with fixed or adjustable draw length style bow. If you have any questions on any make of bow or the prices just let me know.


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                  [beginner need all the help i can get]

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                    I just got a Hoyt friday.
                    It is a solid and very quiet bow, I am inpressed.
                    Had an old Darton 9 yrs ago, and this is like going from recurve to compound.
                    the Draw length is important, making sure cams r in sinque, and a bunch other stuff.
                    If you buy used, MAKE SURE you or someone expirienced check the limbs as the do split on diff makes.
                    I am fortunate to work at a place where one of the guys used to have a bows shop and traded me a high end hoyt for a pistol, just incredible bow.

                    Keep researching what you think you want and do try to visit a shop if you can, best way to get hands on them and try the poundage and draw.
                    let me know if your close to nc.
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