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What camp axe do you have in your BOB?

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  • Diesel
    My two Pack Axes

    The Gerber everyone will recognize as fairly standard.

    BUT my latest addition is this True Temper - Total Control Elite

    Why I like it

    1. Red Handle easy to find when put down
    2. Built in sharpening stone in plastic blade sheath
    3. Longer handle for more leverage = more powerful strikes
    4. weighs slighty more - yes I know but again if you've ever tried to do real work with a small Gerber axe you know it's very temporary
    5. Note the bottom of the axe, it has a curler lip for grip retention, a HUGE plus for anyone who has done some serious sweaty axe work and almost or has had the axe slip out of their hands, futhermore I feel you save some grip strength.
    6. Also the back of the axe head has a nail puller on it
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  • Mags
    Very light, cheaper, sharp, and fit's easily in all my packs, from the Kifaru EMR to RAID assualt pack. It's been a good solid one handed chopper for me. Two handed in a pinch.

    Gerber Sport Axe, on the lefthand side.

    IMHO, YMMV.......

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  • kyredneck1911
    I have a Marbles DoubleHead w/15" Ash wood handle. AWESOME tool,, HIGHLY recommend!!

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  • avking
    started a topic What camp axe do you have in your BOB?

    What camp axe do you have in your BOB?

    I am looking for a new one to put in the bags I am making for someone else.