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Thirty-six Green River Knife Blades

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  • Thirty-six Green River Knife Blades

    A guy I run with came across thirty-six blades, rangeing from 3 inch to 9 inch all sorts of shapes. He got them for $50.00 at a estate sale. I offered to buy half of them for $25.00. He said no, but we could work out something.
    I offered to name another of my wifes chickens after him. That didn't make him smile much.
    We make them (knives) the lazy way, out of antlers. Basically just drill out the inside and poke the blade tang in with epoxy. I'm always needing one to give for a present to someone. I really like making the knife and sheath for some kid going out hunting for the first time.
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    Shadow, I'd be interested in seeing a picture of one of these knives you make if you;ve got one.
    ~ Awesome ~


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      I sure will. Right now we are waiting to get out of this trailer house and into our house. All our stuff is in two 10x30 storage sheds. I am told it will be about 5 weeks.


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        This is a pic of one of my early knives I made. Very simple to make but time consuming if you are a perfectionist. I have perfected the shape as well as the handle design. I got $100.00 for one of these once! I was blown away!


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          Wow that looks nice. Mine aren't that nice, but good enough I guess.