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two most versatile bush tools that have ever existed.

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  • two most versatile bush tools that have ever existed.

    I modified the hell out of my crunch, tho. The phillips and worthless file were replaced by a couple of real deal Nicholson files. The small flathead is now an awl/drill, so I can use it to make the mounting in the variety of other handles needed to make the Shovel do what it can. The SS serrated knife blade is gone, replaced by a regular carbon steel blade. the medium flathead is now a gouge/scoop-knife, and the flat file has a chisel end on it. The 3 sided file fits the teeth on the saw blades (to be held in the visegrip of the Crunch) The tips of the plier jaws are ground down to needlenosed configuration. The shovel is normally without a handle, so it's then a good "big knife", trowel, small skillet, prybar. With a 2.5 ft handle, it's an axe, with a 5 ft handle it's a vertical ice-chipper, standup shovel, or paddle. with a 6-7 ft handle, it's a spear/walking stick. I beefed up the mounting screws. Both tools can be dis an re-assembled with bare hands. Cops never bat an eye at seeing it in its sheath outside of my pack, when there's no handle on it. That will NOT be the case with machete or hatchet! :-) 1.5 lbs for both.