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  • KaBar

    What's y'all's thoughts on the large KaBar military knives? Or the OKC Air Force survival knive?

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    Originally posted by mcmurry View Post
    What's y'all's thoughts on the large KaBar military knives? Or the OKC Air Force survival knife?
    Can you be more specific in your question........??? I own at least a dozen. I like them all but they are for different uses. I use my SP53 a lot lot.......especially for blazing new trails or re-blazing old trails. I really like my USMC Bayonet, and it see's a lot of general application use. I have several BK-2 and BK-9 and BK-7

    I cache a lot of knives and axes, and bowsaws.

    For processing wood I'll take a good Bowsaw over any chopping tool. I have Bowsaws 12" to 48" (love them for stealth construction)
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      What do you want to do with it or to use it for?

      I have a standard KaBar I got when I was in the service 25 years ago. I carried it then and have used it a lot camping and such over the years. To be honest I can't bring myself to bushcraft with it. I did get myself a Schrade SCHF36 this past winter and have been using it for batoning small firewood and such and other than the finish on the blade rubbing off the sides it's doing well. I do need to touch the blade up as I had a super hard piece of locust roll a slight burr in a spot. I think it was $40-50 and it has a thicker blade than my Kabar. To many memories with my Kabar to chance messing it up.

      Cutco owns Kabar and they make a good knife and the Kabar has a limited lifetime warranty.

      Like Sourdough said, please give more details on what you want to use it for. for a fighting knife I think I'd go different now days like one of the models from Benchmade which are a little smaller and lighter for hand to hand, though I'm guessing that's not what you want it for.
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        I recently bought a Ka-Bar to complete my knife collection, always wanted one but it was outside my budget, I recently found a new supplier with a more reasonable priced item.


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          I have two KaBars; the original USMC Fighting and Utility Knife with a 7" blade, and a smaller version in black with a 5" blade. I have been very happy with both. The Original I purchased many years ago. I think I paid $30.00 for it, so that will give you an indication of how long I have had it. I do not baton with it, but it has served every other purpose, and I have never been disappointed.

          I also have an Air Force Survival Knife, and I have been very happy with that. The Air Force Knife is the one I use for hunting. It keeps an edge well, and I am a sucker for having the sharpening stone attached in the sheath. The Air Force Knife has a shorter blade. I think it is 5", but that has never been a problem. Depending on how you want to use it I don't think either one would be a bad choice.

          GG: WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU GOT A KABAR TO "COMPLETE" YOUR COLLECTION. Adding the Kabar will just make a nice addition. Let's be honest here. Our knife collections are NEVER complete.
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            Okay Morgan you got me there! I have one addiction like most preppers/survivalists its knives!! I cant stop buying them.its my one weakness.


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              I carried one for years as a Marine NCO and SNCO. That is until I bought a RANDAL knife here in Florida. For 14 years I carried it in exercises and combat never let me down.


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                I honestly don't know which one I have. I got it at a gun and knife show. 12 7/8 inches OAL. 8 inch blade. Just above the handle it says KA BAR Olean NY. Other side says USA and 1271. All black. Sheath is nylon and leather. No accessory's. Just above the handle it has about 1 1/2-2 inches of serration. As for use, well it seems like a lot of "experts" use large knives as hatchets, but I'm not sure if I'd want to do that with a knife. After all. I've inherited 3 old fashioned hatchets.