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    Nothing wrong with Swiss Army knives, but I don't own one. I do have a leatherman or two, so I guess that is the same idea, but I just never liked the bulky multi blade knife in my pocket. I have special gear I wear when I am in the middle of stuff at work, and on it I keep a sheath for the multi-tool.

    I remember my dad's reaction to the first multi-tool he saw. This was back when he took a tool belt everywhere he went, and he looked at this little leatherman, and said "I would rather carry several tools that each does it's job well than 1 small tool that does a bunch of jobs poorly." I laughed.
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      I just bought a CRKT Sweet KISS with a kydex sheath.


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        looking to get a benchmade griptilian sometime this month as my birthday present to myself. I would also like to replace my Kabar at some point with their Nimravus.
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          A knife never runs out of ammo.

          It's silent.

          It's more useful than a gun.

          Probably few anti-knife laws in most areas.

          Less expensive than a firearm.

          Still it won't replace my firearms.


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            I never thought that I had to have a legitimate need or excuse to purchase a knife. Other than the fact that I want it. That is enough for me.


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              Speaking of knives and ironic-moronic laws.....

              Of all the Nazi California gun control, you can STILL carry around a 2' Bowie knife strapped to your side in plain view!!!!!!!!!!! Or WHATEVER!

              In Alabama, you can own almost any gun in any configuration, BUT......BUT..... Bowie knives are against the law to carry.

              Good grief....

              I'm not a fatalist. I'm a realist.


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                Pretty brutal stuff I guess if you had to defend yourself in a life and death situation


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                  funnily enough seeing your all going on about British knives, my last knife purchase a few weeks ago was a KA-BAR combat knife.


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                    Can't go wrong with a K-Bar,GG. Good choice. I have at least two.
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                      I have a selection I should say collection of knives, I have wanted a Ka-Bar for some time but the prices they ask in the UK were outside my budget, but a couple of weeks ago I found a supplier that did a very good deal and so I bought one.


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                        Grumpy, I'm curious as to what they go for in the UK. Here you can find them online for between $50-100 USD depending on model. I bought my first while I was in the Navy and have another one or 2 around.
                        I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you!


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                          they normally go for anything around £90 which is way out of my budget, I got one for £30 eventually after a lot of searching the internet. that's new not second hand by the way.