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Preparedness Manual by Kartographer

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  • Preparedness Manual by Kartographer

    Kartographer has put together information from many sources in this religiously-based manual. By religiously-based, I mean he starts with a biblical discussion of the reasons to prep and sprinkles faith-based information throughout.

    I found it to be one of the most excellent all-in-one documents that there is. A quick look at the Table of Contents shows topics such as "Normalcy Bias - Why People are Attached to Inaction", "Deluxe 96 Hour Kit", "Medical Kits for Self-Reliant Families", "Emergency Shelter", "Growing and Using Sprouts", "Long Term Storage Master Food List", and the list goes on. I see some of the credits are to The Mayo Clinic, James Wesley Rawles, Bill Straka, Ferfal, Selco, Chris Parrett and a host of others.

    Downloading is free, he makes no money off of it, and asks that when you pass it on, you do not charge for it.

    He's up to edition J! Download the PDF here:

    Happy reading!
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    Thanks! I will be looking through this tomorrow at work! (Shhhhh)
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      Thanks Wife.

      Things are seldom what they seem.


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        thanks for the info skyowl's wife. this really has a lot of info. good stuff


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          Great stuff! Thanks for posting.
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            Thanks for the info,I'll have to make time to look it over tonight.


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              Holy crap! No pun intended! I started reading this manual last night and didn't go to bed until I had read all of it with the exception of the water part as we are more then good in that area. There is so much great information I can't imagine anyone not wanting to take advantage of what is presented. Much of it was things we already knew but so many other items are of great value. It was nice to have reinforcement of what people had to do to survive in real life SHTF situations. My heart goes out to those people and am thankful they made it and are able to share their stories. Please. Anyone that has not checked this out.........please is excellent!

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                Great info!

                Great info! Thanks for sharing.


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                  Just stumbled across this thread and downloaded the PDF.

                  This is an updated and reformatted version of the 1997 LDS manual I already have.

                  I have not looked all the way through, but it looks like whoever assembled
                  it did a very good job. As for the religious part, anyone who believes the Bible,
                  whether Liberal, Mormon, or fundamentalist Christian, should get along with it.

                  Looks just a bit hurried (didn't see any errors, but page formatting isn't real smooth).
                  I can't really fault the guy for that - after all, this is essentially free!

                  Overall, I highly recommend it.


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                    After more review of this PDF book, I see that the revisions are pretty dramatic,
                    with some real life survival stories included,
                    and I still highly recommend it.


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                      Can't access it,can I get copy stilp?


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                        I was searching around and I can't seem to find a link anywhere or even a site with download. that old link pops up with some asian konji writing.

                        The comments I read on it sounds like it was a lifetime work and sounds like it has some great info. If I stumble on it I'll share. Hate to see something like that go to waste after all the work he put in it.
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                          As I pointed out before, it was an updated copy of
                          the LDS Preparedness manual that has been widely
                          circulated since the late 90's. Well, it is not the
                          New LDS Preparedness Manual.

                          Someone smoothed it up, added pictures and color, and
                          put it on a site loosely affiliated with the LDS Church.
                          Looks fairly professional.

                          You need to give them an email address, but I think it
                          is just a measure to keep bots from stopping up the site
                          with thousands of requests.

                          Here is the link to get the new manual,
                          about 9 MBytes, in PDF format.

                          Happy downloading.